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Cushings without weight gain?

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  • Posted By: knighty76
  • August 11, 2010
  • 01:59 PM

Hi All,

Am a 34 yr old Male and wondering if I have Cushings.

I have been to see the doctor for many things over the years which are broadly related to "not feeling very well" and being tired al lot of the time. But the main issues are...

Muscle Pains/Aches
Generally feeling unwell, under the weather
Dry mouth
Sore throat
Hyperhirosis - was prescribed Driclor
Prone to catching colds, always got the sniffles
Slow to heal - bruises and cuts stay around a long time
Libido issues
Am losing my hair much quicker than my elder brother, but that's probably just bad luck.. !!

Doc tried me on anti-depressants at one point and whilst I did feel quite chipper it didn't really help with the physical stuff..! I've been tested previously for thyroid function and diabetes.

BUT - no weight gain. But what I do have are multiple Lipomas, a couple of which I'm having removed in the next few weeks. The lack of any noticeable weight gain might be mitigated by the fact that I take part in triathlons and exercise most days. I'm a pretty fit and lean bloke, even though most of the time I don't feel like exercising but I make myself do it!

I am asthmatic and have been on corticosteroids since around the age of 5 !! I take Beclomethasone twice daily with Salmeterol, plus Salbutamol as a reliever.

So - I have a fair few of the symptoms, no weight gain but multiple Lipomas, and I've been taking steroids for about 29 years.

Could I have Latrogenic Cushings' Syndrome? Or does the lack of weight gain rule this out? I'm not looking for an online diagnosis, but what I really want to know is whether this is feasible before suggesting to my Doc what he probably should have been able to derive from my very fat medical file !!!!!!

Many thanks in advance for any advice and/or help.

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  • A 24-hour urine Cortisol test should be able to rule it in or out. Have you done one? In any case, I would have your doc run a metabolic panel on you to see if anything is amiss. However, you don't seem (to me; I'm not a doctor!) from your symptoms that the diagnosis would point towards Cushing's. In fact, many of your symptoms can be due to over-training (as in, training like a triathlete might):fatiguemuscle aches and painsdry mouthgenerally feeling unwellprone to catching colds/ snifflesslow to heal bruise easilyAll of these can be due to over-training. It places a lot of stress on your body and some people just don't have the 'reserves' needed to maintain the immune/other functions AND get the body in gear for a triathlon. I work with triathletes and see these symptoms all the time. Sometimes it can be a matter of getting in the right nutrition at the right time (i.e. carbs before and protein w/i 30 post), lots of vitamins, etc.. And remember that your body needs rest as much as it needs exercise! That may not be it, but maybe check into your training regimen and see if you might be over-doing it. Remember, the human body is NOT designed for such rigor on such a regular basis-- there are repercussions. Yes, it's great for your heart (and maybe sanity!), but it IS hard-core training. If you don't think that's it or need it looked into further, I suggest a Rheumatologist and/or and Endocrinologist. They can help you suss all this stuff out.
    Harmonium 322 Replies
    • August 11, 2010
    • 02:12 PM
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  • Oh, I forgot to mention.....Your low libido and early baldness may be related. Have a check of your testosterone levels (they can do a comprehensive hormone panel for you or a simple blood draw for test.). Oh, and if you can't do the 24-hour urine test for Cortisol, you can do a saliva test. The saliva test wasn't available in my area, so I had to do the urine. No fun, but worth it to get the results.
    Harmonium 322 Replies
    • August 11, 2010
    • 02:16 PM
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  • Thanks Harmonium. Certainly something to think about, but the triathlon is a relatively new endeavour!! These symptoms have been with me for quite a long time, but I've only really stepped up my triathlon training in the last 6 months. Before that I was running and playing football, but at a lower intensity and I wasn't always an exercise buff !!Probably not a perfect match then, but maybe one to explore. I'll try and see if my GP is prepared to run the cortisol test.Thanks again!
    knighty76 1 Replies
    • August 11, 2010
    • 02:49 PM
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  • Yeah, it sounds like that one missed the mark. :) I always try to look for the obvious ones first. You would be surprised how many times these are overlooked! My next thought would be more in the auto-immune direction. I'm not sold on Cushing's based on what you've shared. I have Lupus and Sjorgen's (among others) and share many of your symptoms. However, I would certainly investigate the long-term use of that particular steroid and the possibility that bone loss/disorder from that could be a factor in some of your symptoms. Best of luck to you. I hope someone else has a better idea of what's going on for you. Keep us posted! :)
    Harmonium 322 Replies
    • August 11, 2010
    • 07:04 PM
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