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  • March 8, 2007
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Anyone with any info on Cushings would be appreciated. I went to an endocrinologist after seeing every other specialist in town. He did the 24 hour urine, a load of blood tests and the cortisol test. It turned out my cortisol test is abnormal, I have very high calcium levels, hypothyroid--he told me he was fairly certain I have Cushings but on getting back the rest of the tests said they don't indicate it. My symptoms are headache, weight gain around the middle, round face, small neck hump, rapid heart rate, flushing, chest and upper right side pain, tremors in my hands, rise in blood sugar and blood pressure, odd sensations in my face and nose and some kind of weird feeling that comes over me like I'm scared to death and don't know why. This doesn't seem to me to be what I've read about panic attack---I don't breathe fast or hyperventilate. (In the past year my family doctor has put me on Atenolol for the new rapid heart rate and glucophage for the sugar.) The endocrinologist ran the tests again after a few weeks and am waiting for results now. Does this sound like Cushings and is it sometimes hard to diagnose?

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  • I have Cushings, but mine is caused from chronic steroid use because I don't produce enough cortisol. I was once 80 pounds all my life and have only been on steroids for two years. I did not know headaches are a part of Cushings. I have bloated neck like, the hump on the back of my neck, just a general poor feeling like depression, pink and purple lines on my hip I think called straie. I think I spelled that wrong. Weight gain in the middle of my stomach. I've always been on inderal for mitral valve prolapse, so my heart rate is pretty well stabilized. I take it three times a day. I have the facial hair, but it's on my chin. i have major weight gain in the breasts and I'm really upset about it. I went from a size B bra to a 40c bra within six months. My husband is not complaining because before I started the steroids he kept compaining how much weight I was losing and he says I look much healthier now and no one should be that skinny. I never thought he noticed. He also said he rather see me healthier, than in a state of death and he'll love me no matter what. This is nice, but it still has an a emotional impact on a gal- you know??? They just ran an afternoon cortisol check on me and it's low. Now, how can I be in a state of Cushings when I'm low on cortisol???? This don't make since to me. I had shaking bad before I started the steroids, they said I was in the process of going into an adrenal crisis. Which I've had three times within the last year. Those are no fun. I keep a check on my blood sugars at home to make sure I'm not going into diabetes. I just check it once a week. They did give me hydrochlorothyzade (spelled) a water pill that is supposed to be potassium sparing to get rid of the retention. Do you have water retention from it??? What was your cortisol level??? I had so much steroids in me one time it was as high as 40, which is so high. How did you get Cushings?? i was walking three miles a day to take it off and would you believe I gained twenty more pounds??? i looked on the internet and they say Cushings can be reversed, but mine is not reversing itself. I've heard there's a 70% chance of stroke or even some kind of cancer involved. That's scary isn't it? How did you get Cushings are you on steroids also?? are you male or female?/ I know the doc's usually orfer an all protein diet because with Cushings you can develope an intollerance to carbs and gain even more weight. I have not been successful at this yet as all protein diets are expensive and I'm just a penny pinching gal. I see my endo every three months and in April I get to have that wonderful bolous testing done. Please pardon my spelling.
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  • I have Cushings, what is your's from??/
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  • I have no idea yet---this will only be my second appt. with the endo. and I haven't had any MRIs. No steroid therapy for anything in the past.
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  • For some reason this is calling me unregistered but I'm the original poster. In answer to your questions, I'm female--the only steroid I've had was a shot in my foot two years ago for some kind of inflammation. I also have shaking at times but it usually starts on the inside---feels kind of like low blood sugar--and if I sit down and rest for a while it goes away most of the time. I'll have to look up adrenal crisis--I haven't heard of that. I don't retain water but I do have the heaviness in my whole upper body. My husband noticed that I have some kind of swelling on my neck last summer that I guess is the hump starting. I have an appt with an endocrinologist next week---his office doesn't give results over the phone so I'll have to wait til then to get all my test results. He re-ran them after my first appt. because at that time they were conflicting. I've been pretty healthy most of my life so the last couple of years have been a real shock---it's like this thing just started rolling and has taken over my life. I hate being a whiner because I know there are people a lot worse off, but it's hard to take.
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  • Cushing's is a lot to whine about. I have Cushings from steroids and am not able to reverse the situation. I'd rather have some other disease I can handle. Sounds like your endo has a hold of it. I had shaking and mine was an adrenal crisis. The blood sugars drop with this along with the blood pressure. How is your blood pressure??? What do they think the Cushings is from???
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