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Beware!!! Incomplete glucose tolerance test.

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  • Posted By: searchingsam
  • December 8, 2006
  • 07:18 AM

Incomplete glucose tolerance test. Beware!!
Today I asked for the results of a glucose tolerance test I thought I had sometime during 1991-1994. If it showed I was insulin resistant I would have the evidence that a doctor falsified other results a little later in 1994, where after I was denied further investigations by other doctors and had me labeled a hypochondriac and slanderer from that year on.
Only GTT found was performed two years after the fudged findings of 1994; near enough. I was given a copy and sent on my way. Eagerly I read the tests to see what had been reported for the insulin in 1996. ????????
Normal glucose as expected but there were no insulin readings. Why? Because the all knowing pathologist noted that there was no hyperglycemia when he evaluated my bloods and decided not to send my blood specimens for assay for insulin. He, like many misinformed, undereducated doctors and the likes, assumed that if my glucose levels were normal then my insulin would also be fine, so why bother spending more money for insulin evaluations and, of course, this would mean more paperwork.
I insisted on that GTT back in 1996, as this was when I found out tests done in 1994 had been falsified. But in 1996 when I had the GTT I didn’t personally look at the results, I had total trust that the glucose and insulin had been evaluated, so when I was told by my doctor that all the results were normal, I just felt further confusion over why I had insulin resistance syndrome (IRS) in 1994. Who was ever going to believe I was IRS without that evidence???
If I had seen the GTT results in 1996 for myself I would have insisted another GTT be done for the insulin and arranged a little meeting with the pathologist to tell him how presumptuous he had been.
So anyone out there who is being assessed with through a GTT, no matter what your condition, make sure your insulin levels are also evaluated. I have had about three GTT’s and my glucose is always normal but I always show IRS. Insulin is vital. IRS has been linked to all types of sickness; kidney failure; liver problems; osteoporosis; diabetes; muscular dystrophy; high blood pressure…. For me it meant muscle wasting; prohibition of testosterone anabolic process; fatigue; irritability and inability to loose weight no matter what diet and an all consuming craving for carbohydrates. Most of my symptoms started around 12 years of age and progressively worsened with time. I also suffer mild symptoms of hyperglycemic though I do not suffer this.
I wonder how many people are told they are fine because of normal glucose readings, but their insulin has been ignored or, due to doctors not knowing the serious implications of IRS, are told there is nothing to be concerned about with abnormal insulin readings; like I was told.
Lessons: always personally read all test results; do not accept as normal any thing with a questionable reading; if you suspect tests or reports to be falsified (or have suffered abuse of any kind) report it and get a letter to state that your complaint has been filed and where and with whom. I failed to report my suspicions of 1994 (and other malpractice experiences) to relevant authorities, only complaining to doctors (big mistake, doctors don’t like hearing of a colleague doing such things and close ranks) I only have circumstantial evidence, which twelve years later I am sure won’t hold up anywhere. I also have my constant compromised health that could have been rectified if I had known all the consequences of IRS back in 1994. Fortunately IRS is reversible. All I need now is a reassessment of my growth hormones that were also falsified.
All the best,

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  • I understand the fury that comes with misdiagnosis. First I was told that I was Type II Diabetic and put on Metformin. Then by another provider in the SAME office, I was told that the numbers on my GTT did not quantify Type II Diabetes......but I did have Insulin Resistance.....they kept me on the Metformin. Well........they preach weight loss and exercise...and I have been doing MWF one hour treadmill interval training and TTH weight training and aerobics with a personal trainer. I have been keepinig a food journal and I eat between 1200 to 1800 calories a day and ALL good carbs. After 6 weeks of all this I have lost ONE POUND............ONE.........ain't that some crap. I started reading and reading about thyroid thinking maybe hypothroid might be my problem..........JEZ............I need someone to talk to about this. I am seeing an Endocrinologist who specializes in Diabetes & Metabolism....but not for two months....Any suggestions???Syl
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