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Believe i have thyroid but all tests are negative

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 27, 2007
  • 09:03 PM

All of my symptoms point to a thyroid condition (hypo) or (hyper). I have not found anything that as closely matches my symptoms as hypothyroid.
I was tested twice exactly a month apart and my tests came back normal. I am not sure what to do. I have been doing so much research and cant find anything else to explain my symptoms.
weight gain
irregular periods now I have no periods
ringing in my ears
premutar gray hair
irregular heart beat
hair loss
cold intolerance
my hands and feet swell
I cant find anything else that explains ALL of my symptoms that I have been experiencing. I don't know why my tests came back normal. Is it possible i could still have a thyroid issue? is there something else that i am missing?

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  • You could have a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. It can cause some of those symptoms. Sleep apnea can cause Fibromyalgia-like symptoms. And Fibro looks like hypothyroidism.http://www.thesleepsite.com/The other problem is being told your tests are normal and knowing what is normal. There is a vast difference as I found out recently. You could be on the outside of being "normal" for hypothyroidism. Anything about 3.0 (range 0.4 - 4.5) is considered a "not normal" TSH and is suspect for hypothyroidism. And some people feel quite ill with a TSH of 3 or higher. Some people it takes a very high TSH to cause them symptoms.No two people have the same symptoms. And no two people respond the same way at different TSH levels.My suggestion is get copies of your test results and see the truth.
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    • September 2, 2007
    • 03:47 AM
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  • http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?p=76789#post76789please check out this post, my letter was there in answer to someone elses question, it has possabilites, I'm researching now, however in my case with all these strange symptoms, I suspect the natural gas leak was the cause of alot of my diseases Did you have any type of chemical within 2 - 3 month period before becoming ill? still alive!!
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    • January 7, 2008
    • 10:55 PM
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  • You definately sound like you have a thyroid disorder.The tests that actuall found my thryoid disorder are not usually done...but I am an RN and I KNOW BETTER!Have you blood checked for anti-perioxidase antibody and anti-thyroid antibody. That is how I finally got dx after 3 years. I look and act hyper-thyroid but I am actually hypo-thyroid.You also sound like you have TMJ. That can cause EVERY symptom you have. Trust me...been there done that. PLEASE get checked for both and use the VERY BEST DOCTORS IN THE CITY!! You get what you pay for!Good luck!
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