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"Wasting" Syndrome of Unknown Origin

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 20, 2007
  • 07:55 PM

I'm wondering if someone here might be able to offer some kind of advice or explanation as to what is wrong with me.

I am a 24 year old male who, until last year, was totally healthy. Last November I got mononucleosis which lasted 3 weeks. During the time I had mono, I noticed my body mass was decreasing (as my clothing was starting to get too large) however my weight on a scale was the same as always. After recovering from the infection, my "visable" weight returned to normal.
Also after the infection, however, a hard lump appeared on my jawbone, below one of my back molars.

The lump has gotten larger and the adjacent bone is now expanded as well. There is no tooth infection, there is no pain, there is no sensitivity, etc. X-rays and CT scans show nothing. I finally pushed a doctor to perform a biopsy early February, and afterwords the "tumor" area got slightly larger, and I started to waste away. The biopsy came back as non-malignant.

By my own account, now in late March, I have lost some 20+ pounds of fat/muscle/both, yet the scale has not changed at all. I am a tall, relatively thin person so the doctors are at a total loss as to where this weight is going (its not as if there is a giant mass protruding from my abdomen that would clearly be a giant tumor). My entire body is thinning out to the point where bones are sticking out and depressions are now clearly visable. My hands and feet pratically look like those of a skeleton and feel that way as well in light of the loss of muscle/fat.

And it only gets more "mysterious": All of my blood work is normal, showing no irregularities. I am HIV negative. Blood sugar testing is normal. Thyroid hormone level is normal. I have no real muscle weakness, no fatigue, and my apetite is normal. The only thing that stuck out was my trygliceride level shot up from something like 80 to 209 in the span of 2 weeks, and my HDL cholesterol went from 54 to 32 in the same period. I have never had high tryglicerides before and NEVER had any cholesterol issues (always low if anything). Cancer-induced wasting, from my research, can indeed cause triglyceride levels to spike, and HDL cholesterol levels to decline.

I have also been having chest pains off and on, right around my heart area. I have also noticed a rapid heartbeat upon getting up from sitting.

This is really fusturating because doctors claim there is nothing wrong with me and don't even believe the wasting issue in light of my weight not changing at all. Yet I can SEE myself getting thinner each day and my family notices it as well.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I am quite sure that I have some rare type of cancer (that "conveniently" is not showing up as a tumor on tests) as there is absolutely nothing that would otherwise explain this wasting.

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  • I could still be your thyroid , whats text book normal, is not always normal for every ones body. Weight gain and loss is one of the symptoms of thyroid malfunction. Since you don't say anthing abt pain or other symptoms, I suggest you check this link stopthethyroidmaddness.com hopefully some one there can help.
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  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I've long since suspected it could be my thyroid because SO many of the symptoms for thyroid disorder fit me, namely ALL of them:weight loss yet huge appetitefatigueintolerance to heatpalpatationsweaknessperiods of aggressionConsidering that my initial biopsy came back negative (i.e. benign) it has certainly occured to me that I might just have a harmless bone growth in my mouth and that my real problems are that of something else. I've had two (!) brain CT scans which showed no indication of abnormality in regards to a tumor, however after seeing a neurologist, he wants to schedule a brain MRI with specific focus on the pitutiary gland. I am also scheduled to see an endocrine specialist. I definately plan on asking the endocrine doctor to focus on my thyroid despite the fact that, on repeated testing, my TSH varies from 1.22-1.75 and my T4 is at 1.4 (all within the "safe" range). The confusing part, obviously being that my testing is closer to the lower end of the spectrum and would suggest hypOthyoridism whereas all of my symptoms are that of an overactive thyroid. Though it still remains to be explain (by any theory) how I can visably be some 20+ pounds thinner and yet my weight hasn't changed since all of this began.
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  • Hi hope you are feeling better. Ever figure out the cause of your muscle wasting? I have alot of the same symptoms and can't find a reason.
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    • November 2, 2014
    • 01:55 PM
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