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ACTH low? Prev. diagnosis - 'hyperthyroiditis'. T4 now normal but I'm not?!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 11, 2011
  • 03:08 PM

Hello! Sorry this post is long, I am hoping someone can help me out I am despairing.

Around 6 months ago I noticed I started feeling 'not myself', and began experiencing the following symptoms:
- cloudy mind
- confusion
- irritability
- tiredness
- pale 'washed out' skin
- I was also getting dizzy upon standing, sometimes my head would throb and I'd have to lean over onto something.

I've been healthy most of my life so I suppose I was in denial that I could be unwell. Then in the last month and a half everything took a turn for the worst. I began experiencing the following symptoms:
- fatigue
- loose bowel motions
- racing heart
- dizzyness
- irritability
- anxiety
- some mild acne on chin/jaw
- low blood sugar (I took my bsl on two occasions after lunch and my beloved sugary hot chocolate and it was 3.4/3.2)
- decreased exercise intolerance (I dance a lot, now I can't do 30 mins without needing to sit down from muscle weakness and tiredness)
- ankle swelling
- cramping in arms/legs
- sensitivity to hot/cold weather
- tender tongue
- sensation of pushing food down when swallowing
- weight loss (5kg in 2 wks)
- jumpy
- eyes sensitive to light (i'm wearing sunglasses right now to use my laptop)
- dull headaches

People comment that I look tired/sick even after 12 hours sleep. A friend noticed I was twitching slightly (anxiety I guess). I can't shake the fatigue, most of time I am FORCING myself out of bed to get to uni classes. ITs horrible, my mind is going too fast, my body is going too slow. In general I feel like I'm going crazy in slow-mo!

So, I thought I better get myself to the doctors. Firstly, the doc found I have postural hypotension, he doesn't know why? Explains dizzyness though.
He ran some bloods thinking it'd come back with iron deficiency or something. Came back hyperthyroid, I think it was 30.
He sent me for a thryroid scan which showed 'patchy uptake of iodine'... whatever that means. Basically they said it's not graves, and must be a thyroiditis, and hopefully it will go away. But did give me a beta-blocker (Propranolol), coz my pulse was over 100 at times.
Went back and got more blood tests a month later because I still felt the same - ****ty. This time the T3, T4 came back in a normal range, but my 'ACTH' is low. I don't feel any better though! I haven't been able to get to the doctors yet to talk about what the ***l a low ACTH means? ANYONE KNOW?
An Endo my doctor consulted was concerned for Addison's disease, but apparently my cortisol levels are normal so this is ruled out.

I'd appreciate any help, anyone who wants to share their experiences with something similar, any advice? Anything. I feel like I don't get any real answers with the doctors. :(

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