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23 female, acne, thinning hair, dandruff, pelvic pain

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  • Posted By: SawaneeKimbirli
  • November 14, 2009
  • 08:28 AM

I need help. I am 23 years old and still dealing with moderate acne. lately I've been noticing it more along my hair line and chin. My hair stylist made a comment about my dandruff being bad and that I do not have any new growths!!!!! Not only am I some hideous monster with acne but I have to deal with thinning hair? I'm married and I'm so afraid of what my husband will think If my body keeps going in this direction. I also have had a major sweet tooth sometimes I feel tired without sweets. I don't know if it's a mental comfort for me or what.

I also sometimes have pain during sex which is weird because my husband is only average and we're not crazy in the sack.

My period isn't regular and sometimes I can tell I'm ovulating because it hurts a lot. I hurt more during ovulation than my actual period.

Anyways I've been to the dermotologists who just prescribed me skin treatments that don't work. I went to a doctor who put me on Yaz and antibiotics but the Yaz made me feel pregnant for a year so I went off that. The antibiotics made be more suseptible to illness (weird huh) and I had so many yeast infections even with three things of yogurt a day.

I need help I don't know how much longer i can mentally cope.

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  • you sound like you might have a thyroid problem to me... my scalp gets dry and itchy and my hair thins. it sucks! what works for me is extra-virgin olive oil on hair. it sounds crazy but, it stops hair from any more falling out and, my hair is naturally very oily and once its washed out, it doesn't make my head greasy. heres a link on how: http://www.ehow.com/how_4884793_use-olive-oil-hair.html acne sucks, artistry makes AMAZINGLY good concealer for while it heals, and it doesn't clog my pores. i use the square one, and it stays on all day.> i don't suggest taking ANY type of oral medication for acne, it isn't worth the health risk. just because its FDA approved doesn't mean its safe. been there done that lol. if you tell your dermatologist that you refuse to take oral medication, they will start looking into more topical stuff, and you'll get safer results more quickly.pain during sex could be an ovary problem, unless you go deep...i would get that checked out. craving sweets and irregular periods could be thyroid too. i know its tough dealing with, especially the hair thinning but, hang in there!!go rent some comedies or chill with some friends to get your mind off of all the medical yuckiness. stress is never fun.hope that helped! kbye
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  • You may be a victim of endometriosis, provided that you have vague pelvic pain and pain during intercourse. This needs further evaluation. Need to consult a gynaecologist, I suppose.Brain Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas
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  • Hi , may be having a thyroid problem hyperthyroids which explaon the hair problem the mild acne and the dandrufff what im not so sure is the pelvics pains , if there were some bleeding iwould go woth some endometrial sympton , buy regatdessly im not discharging that sympton yet ovaries masses or qysts may provoke some pain in the pelvic i recommend a visit to ur gynecologist to seel more acurrute answer yo the pelvic pains
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  • The main cause of acne could be unhealthy lifestyle or imbalanced intake of nutrition in your diet. In this fast pacing world you need to take a good care of your diet and that may help you to prevent hair loss. But in short I would advise you to visit a trichologist as that may help you to eliminate the exact cause of hairloss.
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  • I suggest you not to use chemical hair shampoo and it would be great if you visit a trichologist for your query as he may help you out in locating the exact cause of hair loss. Hair loss may occur even due to stress or it may be a genetic factor also. So, in order to know the exact cause of hair loss you should visit a hair specialist.
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  • Hyperthyroidism, definetly. Hyperthyroidism IS known to cause irregular periods and thinning hair, as well as very oily skin (in contrast to hypothyroidism, which causes dry skin).
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  • Hi,Can anyone tell me what are the visible symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism ?
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