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21 years old and have had to put my life on hold.

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  • Posted By: baltais
  • January 19, 2007
  • 10:17 PM


I am a 21 year old female who used to be extremely athletic and ate meticoulously healthy. I've had to put university on hold because of my condition, and i am in desperate need for answers or help from anyone.
Everthing started a year and a half ago, when one day i just experienced vertigo, and just assumed it was labrinthytus, a virus i've already experienced twice in my life. however, days drew out into weeks, and then I began to experience the senation 24/7, and it was extremely challenging to perform just simple daily tasks. It felt as if I was on a rocking boat, or that the earth was always moving beneath my feet. so i went to see 2 different ENT (ear,nose, throst specialists) who did many tests on my inner ears, MRI's, etc. and found everything to be normal, and that this would just have to be something i'd have to learn to live with. it wasn't easy but i coped, and learned to live with it. then 3 months later more symptoms started to appear, which made daily life extremely difficult. one morning i just woke up with EXTREME fatigue, exhaustion, and weakness. Despite my physical fitness level, all of a sudden just pulling myself out of bed was exhausting. initially doctors diagnosed it as a really bad virus that would take my body a long time to recover from. however some pointed me in another direction, and suggested all these problems i was experiencing we due to a londstanding, undiagnosed thyroid condition. this made sense to me because so many other symptoms i've been experiencing throughout my life (and have just learned to live with) were symptoms for hypothyroidism (such as cold hands/feet (often purple), always sweating regardless of what i am doing (even just sitting in a chair and i have sweat stains), ammenorrhea, sleep apnea, etc...the list is extensive). my hope was really high when i also learned my grandmother suffered from a thyroid condition and had to have surgery to fix it (goiter) when she was my age. So i had a regular blood test done, and then a more thorough tyroid test just to be sure. everything came back as "normal". i was devastated cause EVERYTHING pointed to hypothyroidism, it just made way too much sense. I just don't know what to do, where to go. am i just supposed to sleep nearly all day in hopes its supposed to clear itself up??? I've read accounts of people displaying symptoms but having normal test results, and then being diagnosed on the basis of their symptoms. if anyone has any information or can help me in any way, no matter how little, i would greatly appreciate in more than words can say. i'm reaching far and wide for help and hope there is someone out there reading this that knows something that could help. i've had too many doctors just throw their hands up in the air and close their doors on me.

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  • Has your weight changed much?
    girlfromipanema 12 Replies
    • February 3, 2007
    • 05:29 AM
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  • I can relate, im 23 and have had doctors do the same to me and recently found out i was hypothyroid, had undiagnosed adrenal insufficiency( which is also the name of a book that really might help you) I get hot sweats then am cold to the bone, chronic fluid retention, vertigo- it makes it really hard to live a " normal life" Id pray and keep finding out whatever you can in any way- sometimes real doctors who also are more holistic but still right prescriptions may be of more help, thats how i got help I hope the best for you- i still struggle, but not nearly as often
    erin23 19 Replies
    • February 4, 2007
    • 00:42 AM
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  • I would look at having an MRI done. Some of those symptom sound like something to with your pituitary or pineal gland.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 28, 2007
    • 02:43 PM
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