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  • January 15, 2007
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I watcehd two children several years ago who both had this condiiton two boys one 4 and one 8. Their parents had recently divorced before the onset. It was sad to see the parents in denial. The mom was acually a cjild counselor. Was wondering is stress the only cause or can it be brought on my something medically wrong?

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  • Sorry this is long but I had to get this off my chest!They will say that it is only due to stress and parents that are in denial. Before my son had this, I never knew it was even a possibility. Here I worried about so many possibilities just never this one!This is a very frustrating problem because not only do you have to deal with the smell and soil, but you are judged non stop. My son's school even forced us into parenting classes and family counseling. I am trained in childhood development and have a license to deal with critical care children in foster care. I am a bit bitter. Which after awhile could look like denial. I think that it does have a lot to do with control for the child. If they are sensitive and have experienced severe constipation, they could fear potty time and exacerbate the problem and become impacted. We found that with my son he had an extra long large intestine that crimped in areas causing backups. It was not fully under control until about 13 yrs old and after he shot up in height to 6'2! (Mind you I am only 5'2!) He also had a small anus sphincter (or again in my opinion, possibly just spastic after all the poking and prodding.) The doctors wanted to remove his colon but I could not go there. I do worry that he may suffer long term problems but it seemed to my that there were no real experts and that they were grasping for any resolution. (I prefer to remove organs in life threating situations only.)Finally, they say it is not known to be genetic but after my son began to have problems, my husband admitted that he too suffered from this and so did his mom. After living with this for so long, I notice that it does seem to come in clusters. Usually, it is boys that suffer but in about 10% of the time it is girls. The boys usually are extremely sweet and kind little guys who are a bit offbeat and seemingly shy (though not so much so after the problem clears -- and it always does by the way -- usually around 7 but in some it is puberty.)After trying laxities, enemas, mineral oil, testing for allergies, and every test known to the bowl, behavioral therapy, psychotherapy (including a wacko who kept trying to hypnotize a 5 year old :/.) and finally ignore it therapy, we decided to train him to do his laundry and learn to quickly clean himself as soon as he felt the accident (we could not to smell it after awhile --proving there is a God (j/k)). This reduced the stress we were all feeling.It takes a village of very patient and informed people to stay consistent and supportive. It was easier than it seemed in hindsight. My kid has a lifelong fan club who love him dearly and swear he will either be the next Einstein or Churchill or George Carlin. He is a very wise and amazing kid who is way beyond his years and quick as a whip. He is extremely well bonded to both his dad and I and now that he smells so good, an extreme hit with the ladies! (We did have to change schools twice in order to give him a fresh start due to the cruelty of some kids-- fewer than you would think though for sure)Sorry this is long but you will have a tough time finding info on this strange disease and most of it is never very helpful. I wish them well and feel so bad for those poor kids.
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    • January 30, 2007
    • 05:16 PM
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  • Please, tell me more, Unregistered. I have a 6 year old girl who soils her pants close to daily. She has been constipated since a toddler and always had sporadic bowel movements (no consistent time of day or amount and sometimes pooping 3 or 4 times a day just a little bit even with a laxitive of some sort)We have had an MRI and seen a ped. GI doctor who told her she could control the "accidents". I disagree based on the history of it, but after a while, I do not know what to fully believe. I do not see any signs of stress? She is a happy child. Did you see any in your son? Besides teaching him to take care of it, did you try anything else that worked? Can they really not feel the urge? I hope that you respond. I am the one stressed out by this. It consumes me to try and make sure I am doing all the right things.
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    • February 21, 2007
    • 06:15 AM
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  • My daughter (now 12) has suffered from this on and off since age 3. She potty trained unexpectedly early and then it all went downhill about a year later. It was a while until we realised that her 'accidents' that appeared to be diarrhea, were in fact seepage from around a blocked stool. When she finally did 'go' for real, it'd block the loo! The smell of the soiling was appalling but, bless her, she couldn't smell it at all. She genuinely didn't seem to feel the urge to go, not until it was far too late anyway. This caused her terrible problems with her peers at school etc. A very distressing time, oddly exacerbated by the fact that she didn't appear to take it seriously. I realise now that this was just her defence mechanism. Trips to the doctors ensued. First she was put on a high fibre diet which turned out to be too much too soon with disastrous results. She then went on stool softeners for ages which didn't seem to make much difference. Eventually, as she got older, a routine of having her sit on the loo with a book for twenty minutes every evening and insisting she eat pears (typically, she hates fruit and veg) seemed to get it under control, but I still feel we're just dealing with the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. She's a very happy, relaxed kid at the moment, I just dread a return of the problem.
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  • My son had this problem from age 3. It seemed to come and go in cycles. He would be clean for longer stretches and periods of soiling became futher apart. At 8/third grade, he was diagnosed ADD (not correct - think he is dyslexic testing soon). When he went on medication he stoped soiling. He wet his pant almost every day but with meds this also stoped.He has other symptoms which is why I am having more test done.Cluttered speech - sound like a stutter but it's not, and goes away in times of stress.Slightly OCD.Phobic.Audio processing disorder.ODDDepression.These are all components of dyslexia, ADD is just another symptom.
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    • November 8, 2008
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