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Watery green-tinged discharge from nose (not mucus)

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 19, 2006
  • 04:28 PM


I had a head cold about a week ago, tired, coughing, blocked nose, headaches.

I am without most symptoms now (my voice is still slightly "husky") and I was feeling OK this morning.

But, a few minutes ago, my nose just started running with a thin, watery, clear/slightly greeny-yellow tinged liquid. This dripped for about 20 seconds, then has stopped. There is a slight smell to the fluid, and it evapoarated / dried up fairly quickly on my finger.

Is it CS Fluid ? Should I see a doctor urgently? I have no head pain, or any other pain. Its the first time I've ever seen this fluid from my nose.

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  • i just had the exact thing happen. what is cs fluid.? did anything else happen?
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  • This journal article suggests that CSF leakage is clear & colorless. Regardless, three of nine patients underwent needless head surgery as a result of misdiagnoses. This abstract now persuades me that my thin, drippy bright yellow discharge is not CSF. I have had no head trauma, and my unrepeatable yellow dripping occurs only with tilting my face to the floor for longer than 60 seconds. I am otherwise asymptomatic 15 days after a head cold treated with 2 scripted remedies. Rhinorrhoea feigning cerebrospinal fluid leak: nine illustrative casesN. Bateman and N. S. Jones AbstractBefore contemplating surgery for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhoea it is vital that the correct diagnosis is established. This can be done using immunofixation of beta-2-transferrin, that is nearly always positive in cases of CSF rhinorrhoea. Fluorescein lumbar puncture is useful in establishing the exact site of a leak and also in confirming the absence of a leak where the clinical suspicion is high but the beta-2-transferrin is negative. High resolution computed tomography (CT) scanning is a useful radiological investigation for identifying a bony defect. We present nine patients who presented with clear rhinorrhoea that was clinically highly suggestive of a CSF leak. Three of these patients had undergone previous craniotomies for presumed CSF rhinorrhoea. The diagnosis of CSF rhinorrhoea was excluded in all patients using beta-2-transferrin with or without fluorescein lumbar puncture. The authors believe that measurement of beta-2-transferrin should be mandatory before surgery for CSF rhinorrhoea.(Published Online March 8 2006)
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  • This is symptom of sinusitis, please consult a qualified homeopath for the remedy.
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