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Wakes up feeling need to gasp for air

  • Posted By: cheyanna7
  • February 24, 2007
  • 02:25 PM

At times, while sleeping, I'll wake up with the feeling that I can't breath. I feel as if I have to gasp for air. This usually happens about two to three hours after I go to sleep. If I sit up or get up and go for a walk, it straightens out. My aunt has this same problem lately. For me, I have discovered these last few days that if I stay away from dairy products within 4 hours of going to sleep, it doesn't happen. For both of us, there is a feeling of fullness at the point where the throat connects to the chest. For me, it's as if there is a small pillow in there stuck. There is no acidy feeling, no chest pain, no rapid heartbeat. Just a feeling of lack of air. For my aunt, she feels as if she can't exhale very well. As for me, I am a bit overweight. As for her, she is at the proper weight, perhaps a bit under. She has also had thyroid cancer, but this stuffyness feeling is lower than that was.:eek:

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  • have you been checked for sleep apnea im am now 30 years old and i have had the same symptoms for a couple of years i went to my doctor and ask her to do a sleep study and i found out that i have moderate sleep apnea the doctor was suprised because i dont fall in the catagory most people with this disease is either male over 40 and over weight im none of these but this would be something to ask your doctor about hope this helps good luck:confused:
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  • Please go to a neurologist that studies in sleep disorders and be checked for sleep apnea. My husband has had sleep apnea for 8 years and was finally diagnosed by a neurologist. He was misdiagnosed for this six years ago by a hospital that did not know what they were doing. He has been through every test imaginable and they have checked him for every disease possible since then until we found his neurologist. My husband had gotten to the point that he only functioned 4 hours a day, chronic muscle pain, anxiety attacks and severe mood swings. They even had misdiagnosed him after 7 1/2 years as being bipolar. When his neurologist finally diagnosed him correctly him took him off of all medication and gave him a CPAP machine. He sleeps with it at night and he doesn't have anymore mood swings, is very helpful, has energy to go to work and play with his children, doesn't wake up with muscle cramps and finally has a life again. There is nothing to the test and I really am begging you to get checked for it because you can save yourself alot of headache and further medical complications if you find it early. We have a friend with it that did not find out before he suffered a stroke and now has damage to his brain and heart. My husband only suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis if he can't wear the machine due to a head cold or something. It was chronic before but now only has symptoms if he hasn't been able to wear the machine. We are also in the process of seeing if there is something wrong with his throat, tonsils or adenoids. He started having problems in his early to mid twenties and is not overweight, however he is a large built man at 6 foot. I hope this helps. All of the misdiagnosis, mood swings and his inability to work almost cost us our marriage and did damage to my son's realationship with his father. He is only 8 and his dad has been sick for as long as he can remember. Also just a note - my husband didn't start out with symptoms this severe. They progressed to this horrible life over the eight years so anyone reading this please get checked now.
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