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Tonsils in tatters

  • Posted By: TonsilTatters
  • April 14, 2007
  • 04:09 AM

When I was 21, after I had been smoking cigarettes since I was 17 (I quit Oct 2006 at age 29!), I came down with glandular fever I think (there has been an error or illegal alteration in my medical records, thanks to the NHS. I was told by my GP at the time that I tested positive for GF, but 8 years later my new GP says I never had it).

Anyway, this caused my tonsils to get swollen to the point where I was about to suffocate, so I had to get them lanced. This resulted in each tonsil having 3 or 4 holes.

I've been having trouble with them in a different way ever since, where food deposits build up in these holes over serveral months - they're very small at first and aren't a problem and can't be seen until they get big enough to show out of the holes (biggest on record was about 5 or 6mm across). These are creamy-white lumps which once they are big enough I can remove with tweezers (with some difficulty as it makes me gag).

The tonsils get painful sometimes when there are food deposits in there, particularly when there are large blobs in there. These deposits are really smelly like poo, and I'm worried they might cause worse infections in future if a large deposit forms deep inside the tonsil where I can't get at it.

I've asked about having my tonsils completely removed with my GP and anyone else and all I've been told is that tonsil removal is simply not done anymore because they are part of the body's defense system.

Am I an exceptional case for having them removed? I'm just fed up with my GP fobbing me off all the time so how should I go about sorting this out?

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  • I know all about this problem,all too well.If you read my other post you can see my story of my on going problem with sore throats & tonsil problems.I'm an older adult and feel my tonsils should of been removed when I was a kid,as I had sore throats back then.I was sent recently to a ENT Dr and he basically told me they don't remove them in adults or older adults unless they are REALLY bad.What I'd like to know is........what is considered REALLY bad? I've have a problem right now and I've had an enlarged,red tonsil for 4 mos.I've been gargling with saltwater mixed with dissolved vit C tablets.I think we need to start a club,don't you? It hurts plus, it makes me sick to my stomach, and hard to swallow food.
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