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Tonsil Stones - What Worked for Me

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 25, 2010
  • 09:13 PM

I really want to know if this helps others, because tonsil stones are AWFUL. OK:

In brief, I think I cured my tonsil stones by opening a pro-biotic capsule (no particular brand), mixing it with a small amount of warm water (couple of mouthfuls), and gargling, letting it loll around the back of the throat and tongue for a minute,repeat, and then leaving it alone. By leave it alone I mean don't eat, drink water, etc. Just let the pro-biotics get on the surfaces of your tonsils and under the back of your tongue where the problem is. I don't have an idea how many times you'd have to do this, I just started taking a probiotic every day and doing this. I haven't had a problem in a loong time. Read on for my story:

I think this worked for me, and here is why I think so:

My symptoms have been as follows below. (note: all my life, I never realized all these symptoms were related until the light bulb just went off, literally, today).

From the 4th grade on... afraid to get called on in class. Not because I didn't know the answer, I did, but because I had to clear my throat several times before I spoke. It seemed I always had sticky phlegm buildup. My mother took me to the doctor and he said I was doing it for "attention". I was mad, that's completely not true! Quite the contrary, it was alienating.

All through grade school, high school and beyond... I had what I called “coughing fits”, where something would just make my throat itch so badly that I would hold my breath (so as not to move/disturb my throat), walk out of the room, find a quiet place and cough a strong, vibrating cough to make the itching stop. It has now dawned on me that this is what happens when a little tonsil stone dislodges.

I always had a little bad breath. A yucky bad breath. You know the one. I brushed, flossed, used Listerine, brushed with baking soda, brushed my tongue. Nothing worked, but I did my best to have good oral hygiene. I accepted what was.

Fast forward to my 30s, and I am getting married, and increasingly concerned because one day my fiance mentions I had bad breath. I don't want him to have to kiss a girl with bad breath for the rest of his life, so I start to get desperate...

I really start to investigate the back of my mouth. With a Q-TIP, I discover that the saliva under the waaaay back of my tongue on the sides and my tonsils smells like a BARNYARD. And I mean the BARN. Yuck. I also find little tiny tonsil stones. I read on the internet and learn what tonsil stones are. I by Dr. Whoever's special rinse for tonsil stones. Does nothing for me.

I start to try and open my throat and extend my tongue, to the point of gagging when I am in the shower to try and clean things. This of course, always makes me gag, but it feels deep cleaning...

I go to the ENT doctor. He says that I have tonsil stones, just live with it. I ask him to remove my tonsils. He refuses. I go out to my car and cry.

A year later, I muster up the courage to go to an ENT at a teaching hospital. The doctor listens to me, puts a camera down my throat, tells me my breath isn't that bad and says I have acid reflux that causes phlegm. He prescribes me Nexium for the rest of my life. OK, I do NOT have acid reflux. I go home dissapointed. I am not going to take prescription drugs for the rest of my life, no.

I've taken to picking tonsil stones off with a q-tip when I can, petting my tonsils with a q-tip laden with Listerine and cleaning my whole mouth with hydrogen peroxide. I feel this is the best I can do. I don't think I have huge pockets in my tonsils.

I reach the end of my rope with these tonsils when a couple of my semi-chronic sore throats (back-to-back) keep me from two important work trips. I go back to my teaching hospital ENT for the sore throats. He orders a CAT scan. Nothing unusual.

I take matters in to my own hands. I figure, if there is bad bacteria on my tonsils, that clearly has never been killed by any antibiotics I have ever taken all these 30 years, maybe I could put good bacteria on my tonsils directly. Maybe it will crowd out the bad bacteria.

I buy a pro-biotic pill, no particular brand. I open it up and dump the powder into some warm water. I gargle with it, hold it with my head tilted back, moving my tongue around and letting it get into those normally closed up spaces. Then, I swallow the pro-biotic. I mix the pro-biotic with enough water to do this a couple times. I don't drink or eat after this, in my mind to let the pro-biotic settle in.

That's it. It's been easily a year. I do this periodically. I can't tell you the last time I had a coughing fit, or sore throat, or a cold. I didn't take pro-biotics for the last six months of last year, and even so, I haven't had a problem.

So I think I have found what works for me. I have no medical training, but I feel vastly improved.

Things I think affect my throat situation:

> hydration (I tend to always be dehydrated). If I get very dehydrated, I seem to get a little phlegmmy,
> keeping my tongue pulled back and everything closed,
> oral hygiene, keeping the teeth and tongue brushed.
>I tend to brush my teeth with my face pointing to the sink. I think this is bad because I think it keeps the top area of my throat and back of tongue from getting its cleanest. I need to be more conscious of this.

I still like to scrub my teeth and tongue, then rinse with hydrogen peroxide, but I keep the peroxide away from my tonsils because I feel it might “strip” them. Theoretically, I want to build a little colony of good bacteria to crowd out the bad.

Again, this is just me and my half-cocked theories. But I seem to be better! At the very least, vastly improved. I have no medical basis for this whatsoever.

As for the cause of all of this, I think I have a bit of a post nasal drip, which seems to be worse when I am dehydrated. I am also not a person with a ton of extra saliva.

If anyone else tries this, I REALLY want to know if it works for you. This is my first post.

I hate tonsil stones!!

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  • Hi, I used to have tonsil stones for about 2 years! Sometimes both tonsils were big and had stones, but mostly it was just the left one that was big, and made my breath smell. In Autumn I got sinus decongestion, it was awful and I knew then that my immune system was awful. I got probiotics about a month ago and since then that left tonsil doesn't get tonsil stones! And it actually got smaller by about half! I also started using Listerine about 6 times a day because I got my lips pierced:)
    LittleAccident 1 Replies
    • January 16, 2014
    • 09:30 AM
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  • I found this thread because I just thought of the same thing! You are brilliant and an obviously nice person to go to the trouble to share your story with everyone. Bless you and I hope your health just gets better and better.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • January 23, 2014
    • 06:07 AM
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  • Hi, I've had bad breath for years due to post nasal drip which lead to tonsil stones. Flagyl (Metronidazole) which is an antibiotic cured me temporarily. Recently I started drinking tea with honey and lime every morning, and started using nasal wash n gargering with warm water, salt and baking soda I became 50% better. Then I used an oxygenating mouth wash so I got better by 90%. Now I want to try gargering with probiotics and will let you know. Zyrtec didn't cure my post nasal drop though!
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • January 31, 2014
    • 01:52 AM
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  • That is awesome. I have been looking for a cure for a while now. I feel that brushing your tongue and gargling with baking soda helps to mask the smell of bad breath. I just found out this page and coincidentally found another doctor recommending exactly the same thing. Open a probiotic capsule on your tongue to repopulate the good bacteria in your mouth and throat. Is it still working for you? Hope to hear from you! Congratulations on getting married!
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • February 10, 2014
    • 04:47 PM
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  • Has anyone else tried this with the probiotic pill? Did it help? I can not take these tonsil stones any longer!!
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  • I notice not many people are responding to this thread anymore but if you read this I am very curious if the person who published this is still having success by using probiotics (I know it is not good to continuously take probiotics) and if anyone else on here has had good results with this. Only my left side gets tonsil stones and it seems to be getting larger and makes my throat itch and I really can't take it anymore. I hate this. I never had it my whole life until I was 30 :(
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • August 29, 2014
    • 05:34 AM
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  • So many of us seem to get problems in the left ear and tonsil more than the right... What is this?!
    Driven mad by the bad breath, I bought an eBook and it said CUT OUT DAIRY. I knew I was lactose intol. but loved cheese & stuff. I cut dairy, tonsil inflammation and stones shrank. Problem persisted. Cut gluten. Inflammation and stones shrank more. Tonsils still angry. Took hippy friends' advice and eradicated sugar. Whoomf! Tonsils shrank, and I cancelled my tonsillectomy!
    If foods are putrefying in your tonsil crypts, ask what foods are you eating and why can't your poor body break them down. Screw the chemical approaches - your tonsils are the first guard in your immune system. THEY'RE TALKING TO YOU!
    I am interested to try a probiotic this way for when I get a couple stones back.
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  • My story is that I will get a few of these stinky stones every now and then. Sometimes I think their always in us...but the moment you have consistent dehydration, that's when the hurl to the surface...enough to drive u crazy.
    My stones are not visible. In fact, I feel them beyond the top of my tongue...perhaps the throat. I feel them as I swallow, but can't seem to get them out. I will try the pro-biotic suggestion and will keep you all informed of my progress.
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  • Just curious, does anyone in this thread also pick their nose? I've had this problem since I was young, are they related?
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