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Throat spasm caused vertigo/fainting feeling

  • Posted By: casualonejp
  • April 19, 2011
  • 08:22 PM

Twice now, I have experienced this. The first time it happened was about 6 months ago. I was just standing talking to a family member. I turned and on the left side of my throat, right behind my adams apple, I felt what appeared to be either a spasm or as if my adams apple rubbed against something. There was no pain involved, but a few seconds later, my whole body went numb and tingly. I felt as though my legs were going to give out and everything kind of went black. Almost the same exact feeling as if you get up to quickly and get that weird head rush feeling. This only lasted about 30 seconds and then I was fine again.

The second time was a few days ago. I was standing getting ready to play a game of basketball, and felt that same feeling in my throat, no pain just a weird spasm/rubbing feeling, and sure enough I felt this major head rush, body numbness, ears ringing, and out of body like feeling. I had to crouch down to avoid falling over and basically, just to catch my bearings. My wife was there and said I was white as a ghost. She was talking to me, but I couldn't really make out anything she was saying and when I tried talking, all I could do was mumble. This lasted for about 30-60 seconds and afterward I was fine aside from a weird detached feeling. Similar to that of taking cold medicine.

I don't have the slightest clue what this could be? :confused:

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  • Hi Hope you are still out there and read this.Would like to know if you found out what this was and what the treatment was.I also replied on your WebMD post.Regards,S
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