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Throat pain worries one one side

  • Posted By: gecko_101
  • December 19, 2009
  • 06:48 PM

I have a sensation of tightness under my chin and down the front of my throat. Sometimes there is a mild pain in the very edge of my jawbone that is painful to the touch. The symptoms change slightly in location but it’s always there in some form. The latest is a mild pain behind my nose, right above my mouth. I also have the sensation of something stuck on one side of my throat.

If I push my throat sideways it clicks, just the one way…

All of this is on one side.

If I was to describe it I would say it as mild discomfort, pain would probably be too strong a word.

I have seen an ENT surgeon who put this down to an enlarged tonsil. I had the tonsil removed but it has not made any difference. At my latest visit to the ENT department the doctor gave me physical examination and said that he would see me again in 2-3 months. The doctor said he didn’t think there was anything to worry about, but if I were still concerned at my next appointment they would put an endoscope down my nose.

Clearly I am still concerned and my worst fear would be that it was some form of cancer.

This all started in July, so it has been some time.

What could be causing this, and if this was some form of cancer, what would have happened on 5 months?

The symptoms have hardly changed apart from me worrying more!!

The obvious possibility is that this could be psychosomatic, if that’s the case how do I get around that!

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  • hi,,you sound very close to what i'm feeling,,i had the flu in early nov,,norm symptoms of the flu,,after the flu symptoms were gone the sore throat stayed with me,,seemed like it was always on the right but then moved around from side to side and to the bottom,,after aprox 3 weeks went to the doc,,they tested me for strep,,mono,,those things,,all came back as normal,,said it may be viral,,ok,,,still there 2 weeks later,,went back,,and as per usual symptoms were gone on that day and for about a week,,then came backs again,,doc said may be post nasal as it moved around and iritated the throat,,now i never had or felt this before,,am 42,,very healthy,,doc also checked my white cell count,,all ok,,one day i tried motin and the steroid nose spray that prescribed,,after a few days it felt like my thoat under my chin had swelled,,like my head was gonna pop off,,wasn't sure if it was a reaction or what,,finally the throat swelling went away but i still don't feel right,,seen seven gp's after that,,all said throat looks ok but it still doesn't feel right,,have a ENT appt tommorow but scared like ***l as to what it could be,,symptoms come and go,,am i scaring myself to much?,,,i never looked at the back of my throat,,or its been a long time,,so not sure what is normal,,evey day i see something new,,i think,,my wife says i'm nuts,,that all these docs can't be wrong,,i have a 3 yr old girl so i don't wanna check out now,,now my throat kind stings on the right side when i eat certain thing,,i feel very messed up right now
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    • January 4, 2010
    • 07:20 PM
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  • This is crazy, Ive been going through this one sided throat discomfort for about 3 or 4 mths. Nobody can tell me whats wrong. I can feel it in my ear my collar bone, and my head, its on the left side. I have a neck strain and thats when it started but I also have sinus congestion that keeps me from feeling good. I am so glad that I am not alone. Have another dr appt next wk so we will see.
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