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Take care of your ears from an early age!

  • Posted By: ostrovmazal
  • November 24, 2011
  • 06:36 AM

Wash your ears need at a time when you take a shower. Do not use any cotton on the match, or cotton buds. Simply rinse ears with water without soap. Frequent use of rods leads to the formation of sulfur congestion in the ears. If you have long laid the ear, you hear a strange sound - so, are they. Remove plugs can only audiologist.

You can not stand the pain in the ear. Take action immediately. Heated in a skillet large handful of salt, wrap it in cloth and held to the ear, until the salt has cooled. And at night do so: dripped into the ear of vodka, or essential oil of tea tree oil, boric or alcohol (1-2 drops), lie down on one side 15 minutes, until the liquid warms the ear. After that, delete it with a cotton pad. Prodelyvat this focus can be no more than 2 times per day, otherwise you risk damaging the delicate skin inside the ear. Can be done at night and wrap. Dampen cotton in tincture of propolis, and overlay this with cotton ear, wrapped his handkerchief and leave for 2-3 hours.

If you shoot in the ears to do so - onion slices on medium-sized pieces, wrap them in cheesecloth and put in the ear (not deep!) For not much burned, you can mix the onion with butter or vegetable oil. You can wash your ears chamomile infusion (1 teaspoon in a glass of hot water). Florists advise - make for an ear pack of geraniums. Enough to crush 3.2 leaf and wrapped in gauze, placed in the ear.
Itching in the ears
This could be an ear fungus - if heavily reddened ears and itching becomes unbearable. If the ears due to scratching an allergy, the simplest way - wipe them with cotton wool soaked in alcohol or cologne. A little later anoint baby cream. You can make nettle infusion and wash their ear every hour. But the most potent is the garlic oil. 2 heads of garlic sparingly, add three-fourths cup of olive oil. Close the jar and put it on a windowsill in the sunlight for 10 days. Then the oil to drain, add 2-3 drops of glycerin and pour into a dark pot. Store in refrigerator.


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