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Swollen Tastebuds?

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 22, 2006
  • 06:35 PM

Hey there, I've got a bit of a problem that I think I've logically figured out, but I'm still a bit worried and I'd like to know what you think.

The day before yesterday, I woke up with the sides of my tongue feeling kind of numb. When I looked in the mirror, there were white buds. It just looked like swollen taste buds. And it didn't hurt.

Then yesterday, after a little research (aswell as terrifying myself), I decided to try and wipe it off with a tissue. Most of it came off rather easily, except for a couple of very small spots. And it has not returned so far. Although, my tongue is slightly sore now, but not significantly.

I had initially come to the conclusion that it had been due to rubbing my tongue against my teeth in my sleep, as I had experienced that type of situation a few months ago. I had spent hours kissing my boyfriend, and my tongue tends to rub against my teeth when I do so. Anyway, it showed up on my tongue, and was gone in a few days. I also hadn't slept that time when it showed up and I noticed that I was rubbing the right side of my tongue against my teeth moreso than my left (I guess after so much kissing, your mind tends to wander). My right side always has more than the left. Then I had another slight case maybe a month ago, again, I noticed it when I woke up.

My question is, was I right in concluding that it was rubbing my tongue against the sharp edges of my teeth? Is it even possible for your tastebuds to swell over something like that? See, as I was attempting to research, all I could really find was Leukoplakia and Thrush. Both of which sort of look similar to what I have (however, most of the leukoplakia pictures were much more extreme than my case). And that terrifies me. I couldn't find anything on swollen tastebuds (I can only assume that's what it was) due to trauma.

I also would like to know that if you wipe away thrush, does it stay away after being wiped, and for how long? I would imagine that if this is some sort of infection in my mouth, then it would have returned. Since, after all, tissues do not cure infections. Also with leukoplakia, is it possible for most of it to be rubbed off with a tissue? And if so, would that also return and how long would it take?

I look forward to hearing back from anyone that could help me. And I know that some of you will say to go get myself checked anyway. And I have every intention to, but I am unable to do so for the next couple of weeks, so until then, I thought I'd ask here. Please, if you have any information, I'd love to hear back from you.

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  • I put some clove oil on my swollen taste bud and it was gone the next day. Clove oil is an analgesic and freezes your tongue so the irritation doesn't drive you crazy, also relieves the pain. Warning: the stuff taste horrible but it worked.
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  • Well, after going on the net and looking for oral thrush im relly freakin out! I hve got similar symptoms. My tastebuds are swollen in the back of my throught! But i dont know what it is. And it also seems that i can rub off my taste buds.....!!!! went to the pharmacy, and they gace me som anti-bacterial mouthwash....(*lets hope it works)!!!i have had a bad flue for the past three weeks and after i got rid of the flue i got a upper respatory infection and now i hvethis toungue thing!!! Give me a break! So i dont know!! tooks like fassured toungue, bu likeyou said the pictures on the net looks Much worse than mine. My toungue is numbish, almost like i bunrned it withot coffee. Lets see tomorrow morning! Hope its better...
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