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sudden trouble swallowing

  • Posted By: sswanson
  • November 25, 2006
  • 11:08 PM

Two and a half weeks ago, I think I swallowed a small piece of a fishbone. After having the sensation of something stuck in my throat for more than a week, I saw my GP. My throat was swollen on the right side, and sore when I swallowed, though not extremely painful. He agreed with me that I didn't have a normal sore throat, and referred me to an otolaryngologist. The otolaryngologist looked at my throat with a fiberoptic scope, but didn't see anything. I was suppose to call him back for a CT scan on Monday, but as I do not have insurance, I was hoping this problem would resolve on its own. However, it has not, and it is bothering me more than ever. Although my throat is still not that painful and I do not have a fever, I have the sensation that I am choking. It feels like someone is squeezing my throat very tightly. I can breathe, but the sensation is very strange and frightening. I cannot reach the otolaryngologist I saw before because of the holiday, and I am not sure what I should do. My GP thinks I will be okay waiting for a few days, but I am very concerned and uncomfortable. Any advice is appreciated.

Update, the next day: I drank some orange juice and suddenly I feel like I can't swallow. My throat is very tight and feels swollen all over. I am very concerned. I do not want to go to the ED if I don't really need to, because I have no insurance, but I will go if I have to. I am not having trouble breathing, no wheezing or anything of that sort, but I feel it is easier to breathe when I am sitting up.

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  • Did you eat any raw mushrooms at the same time? When I eat them, or now even wash them with my bare hands, my throat closes and I cannot swallow anything. I take Benedryl and drink very hot tea.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 4, 2006
    • 11:54 PM
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  • dear sswanson,I have been suffering with a severe sore throat off & on for the better part of a year & i can relate to what you are going through.I have to take percocet & aleve & motrin & another medicine just to get by most days & i am now on disability due to my throat..which i really cant afford b/c i am a single mother...but anyways,i know you dont have insurance,but you dont want to end up like me,do you? I just kept thinking it was this or that & drinking tea & using cough drops & otc pain meds until it was absolutely unbearable & now I cant work & i am cut off from my loved ones due to the lack of talking.....believe me,there are many things your problem could be & the last thing you want to do with the kind of pain you are describing is to let it go.your body is trying to tell you something,i only wish that i would have listened better.My docs orig said it was sinus infections or bronchitis & after all the antibiotics off & on for months that didnt work he referred me to the ENT doc & did the scope & thought I had severe acid reflux disease..I thought it was crazy cuz i dont really get heartburn often & i tend to avoid the foods that give it to me......so he got me on some meds for that & after a couple months it helped some,but still in a lot of pain,so he referred me to a gastroentereologist & he did an endoscopy & found that i had a severe case of thrush in my esophagus...called candida esophagitis.they treated me with diflucan for the yeast problem & I am on pain meds.I am not all the way better yet & still in pain,so i am requesting another endoscopy to see if its all gone & im waiting on bloodwork.I am going to have to itemize my taxes this year for all my med expenses & i do have insurance.the point is,that if i would have gone to the specialist sooner,maybe it wouldnt have gotten this bad.Also,unfortunately you sometimes have to be your own advocate & educate yourself when you have a health problem..not every doctor is as empathetic as mine is & committed to their patient's health as mine is.I have been online & in bookstores & the library trying to come up with answers or possibilities to check with my doctors...right now we are waiting to get blood tests for lupus & some other things.From all of my reading,here are some possibilities for your throat problems: acid reflux disease,thrush/candidiasis,cancers of the throat,major food allergies,abcess...and that is all i can think of this late in the evening.I hope some of this helps you.Some websites I went to for help:webmd,mayo clinic,dr. weil,& just googled health issues..i also went to the library & barnes & noble & health food stores...& believe me,not a big health nut.lol But,in reading I have changed my diet & my family's diet due to my findings....I had to cut out soda,anything acidic(citrus & tomato & onions are bad),no coffee,I now drink a ton of water & decaf & herbal teas..esp green tea with something called matcha in it(look it up),& i have added a lot of veggies & fruits to our diet & yogurt & soy milk & more whole grains & as much organic stuff & less processed/less sugar foods as I can afford. You'd be surprised about how true the saying is about you are what you eat...my diet really seems to help.I also take probiotics...all 3 of my doctors say it is good for you & it balances out the yeast & bacterias in your body...i tend to have too much yeast,which is y i eat yogurt almost daily & take the probiotics & cut out a lot of the sugar...sugar is so bad for your body..i never thought i would say that cuz i miss my sugar & my coffee...but i miss my health & my job & my income more....quality of life is very important.go to the doctor.i wish you luck & i hope this helps you.after10
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 30, 2006
    • 05:36 AM
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