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Stuffed nose, help please i really need help

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 1, 2007
  • 02:58 AM

I have stuffy nose, i can only breath for one side only, either the right side or the left of th nose and i feel like i got something on my throath. i'm not allergyc to anything. I went to ent doctors and gave me medications and none worked, the weird thing is the when i do excercises i'm able to breath normaly for a short period of time ( when i'm agitated )
I also have bad breath and have thick saliva thx to this....

I went to the dentist and they say " everything is good " i have good teeth

i been with this stuffed nose for over 10 months.. help plz =(

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  • You most likely have chronic Sinusitis. Sinusitis is caused by infection or inflammation of the sinuses. Your sinuses are hollow air spaces within the bones surrounding the nose. They produce mucus, that in turn drains into the nose. The wall of the nose can sometimes swell from it as well. If your nose is swollen, this can block the sinuses and cause pain and infection. There may also be mucus drainage in the back of the throat, called postnasal drip and this is the cause of the bad taste you are describing. Treatments include antibiotics, decongestants and pain relievers. Using heat pads on the inflamed area, saline nasal sprays and vaporizers can also help. It is important to have tests done so your doctor can give you the correct medication. Using over the counter saline nasal sprays can cause very bad side effects and you can also become addicted to them. Ask your doctor for a CT scan. Hope this helps. Kiera
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 1, 2007
    • 07:58 AM
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  • Please go and get a neti pot, or Dr. NeilMed's Sinus Rinse, and learn to use this daily, just like brushing your teeth. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel! You can find a neti pot at any good healthfood store, and Dr. NeilMed's sinus Rinse at a pharmacy like Walgreens. It takes some getting used to, but please perservere...after a few tries it will click and then it will be very easy to do. Use only noniodized salt - NEVER USE SEA SALT as it will cause burning. Using these techniques will clear out your nasal passages so they can better do their job of filtering out toxins. Chronic sinusitis is often fungal in nature - google candida for more info on that. Also, decongestants can worsen sinusitis as they are too drying. A better choice is mucinex, which helps to thin the nasal secretions. Lastly, I would still suggest you are having some food intolerance issues, as they are common causes of chronic congestion. Dairy products, especially cheese, are mucus producing, as are citrus products. Try eliminating these from your diet and see if your symptoms improve. Consider a therapy called NAET, which helps you to eliminate allergies. Best wishesDOM
    acuann 3080 Replies
    • November 1, 2007
    • 06:53 PM
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