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Sore throat,gums,tongue

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 26, 2007
  • 02:42 PM

Ok, I'm new here and have done some searching around, but haven't found anything specific to my symptoms.

Basically this is what has happened...
I got two cold sores (painful white things where my cheek and gums meet)
After receiving those two sores, a week later, I came down with a nasty 102-103 fever. The fever was consistent for 3.5 days (occasionally breaking and coming back)
On the second day of the fever the sores enlarged, my gums inflamed a bit and became extremely sensitive, my throat also became sore, and I started getting pimples on my tongue (enlarged taste buds?)

I was unable to eat and still am unable to eat due to my mouth being entirely too sensitive. The symptoms are still there, just not as bad during the fever period. It has been one complete week since the fever has completely gone away and I'm a bit worried about what could still be causing these symptoms...

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  • i have the same symptoms! theyre cankersores inside of my mouth! i was tested and the hospital said i had strep throat. but everyone i know that has had strep said they never had any of these symptoms. its VERY painful to eat. im on amoxicilin. ive been on it for 3 days and i havent seen any results at all yet...
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  • I just gave my problem some time and it went away when my fever disappeared. My doctor noticed I was in such pain, he gave me Vik's to help. I feel for ya, I hope you get better soon.p.s. rinse with peroxide, it helps.
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  • how long did it take to go away? did you take anything for it? i was doing some research and it seems like the same exact symptoms to something called Herpetic Gingivostomatitis. i think perhaps my strep triggered it? can you tell me some more information on it if you can?
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  • I never had it diagnosed. I had to wait it out and drink liquids due to the sevarity of the pain. I tool valtrex for 4 days and it seemed to help with the cold sores.
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  • Man i have got the same symptoms.... its really wierd, I dont know what it could be, my boss seems to think its Tonsillitis. I just dont know and man my tongue and gums and throat hurt!!
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  • So I'm having similar issues in my mouth and throat. A couple weeks back I got a really high fever (about 102) that lasted for three days along with what I thought was just a pretty bad cold. I started to feel better and about 2 weeks later I started to get a sore throat. The fever came back with the sore throat and the throat became progressively worse throughout the week. It became difficult to swallow, eat, talk, etc. I went to the Doctor and was tested for strep. They put me on antibiotics even though the strep test came back negative. So far the amoxicillan has done nothing for me and I'm starting to get inflammed taste buds and my gums are swollen, sore, and when I brush my teeth they bleed. They almost look bruised. I'm not sure what to do and the Docs don't know what to test me for. I don't have allergies, I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary, I take a multi-vitamin, I brush regularly with a soft tooth brush... what else can be done?
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  • both cankers and strep and various other issues are all connected to a lowered immune system try and boost up your immune system i suffer from the same issues
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  • I had a high fever yesterday with a lot of night sweats. I feel so out of it today; my preception of time, etc. I've had a sore throat for a week now. Before that, my throat would be sore for a few hours every few days, but it would go away. Now it won't go away and I think it induced my fever yesterday. When I woke up this morning, my gums were inflamed and they bled when I brushed my teeth. I'm going to go see the doctor in a few hours. I'm really scared it's oral HPV or oral Herpes and it's really stressing me out. To add to it all, I woke up with a migrain headache and I have a full day of classes and a ballet performance I have to watch.
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  • I have the same symptoms and I went to the doctor recently and was diagnosed with strep throat. You need to see a doctor and get a throat culture. They swab your throat with a q-tip and you have your results within 5-10 minutes or so. My doctor told me that even if your symptoms and the pain go away you may still have the bacteria in your body. Over time it can vegetate on your heart valves and cause them to fail. There are various antibiotic treatments, I know there is one you take for 5 days (2 on the first day, 1 for the next 4) and one where you take 1 pill every 12 hours for about 10 days or so. Either way with those symptoms, especially the fever, you should get a culture to atleast rule it out. Better safe than sore throat :-)
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  • I have all these symptoms.. and it is the worst thing I have ever had in my life!! I havent eaten in 7 days and I swear my mouth is getting worse!!! I have tried everything. I went to the E.R. They tested me for strep but came back negative they put my on penicillin and a pain medicine but niether has had an affect. I cant brush my teeth and my mouth wash burns like crazy. I need some good advice!!!
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  • The symptoms of strep throat are TYPICALLY enflamed tonsils, bad headache, nausea, overall achiness, and stomach pain. I just went to the doctor an hour ago suspecting tonselitis, but I have strep throat. I'm also in the same boat when it comes to really sore gums that bleed whenever I brush them - this is because all the sinus drainage that comes with the strep. Basically it's just nasty yuck that is built up in the gums and throat. What I've done, even though it hurts, was brush my teeth and gums already three times today and they're starting to feel A LOT better.As for the cold sores, I've had similar, only they were called "fever blisters", which can also cause the same symptoms if left untreated. As long as you don't mess with them and try to pop them, poke them, or anything and just use a chapstick-like product called Herpecil, they should be gone soon.Also, with the person exhibiting strep symptoms but with a negative strep test, sometimes in the beginning of the infection you come up negative EVEN though you really do have strep. I went to the doctor only an hour ago, and they gave me a shot of penicilin and prescribed me tylenol with codeine, and I'm already feeling better. Just get lots of rest, fluids, and other things like aromatherapy baths, gargling salt water, and a heated sinus mask.
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  • I have the same symptoms exactly. I went to the ER and the doc said it was strep throat and perscribed me penicillin. I have painful sores on my tongue, back gums, and on the roof of my mouth. I had a fever of 104 and chills followed by sweats and terrible head and muscle aches. I haven't eaten in days. i am getting my appetite back as my gf is making cabbage rolls and thats all I can smell but I'm in way too much pain to eat them (I can barely swallow fluids)
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    • January 6, 2010
    • 02:33 AM
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  • I've been having the same symtoms. I got the sore throat, enflamed gums, cold sores, fever, swollen glands all the way down my neck, achey ears, and just the overall fatigue feeling. Fun fun! I dont have Health Insurance. My mouth is extremly sensetive. I cant eat anything without being in pain.Anybody have sussgestions on what sort of over the counter drugs I can buy to possibly make this more barable?
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  • i have been having similar problems as well. i have canker sores that are very painful, inflamed taste buds and a sore throat. i never had a fever but i have muscle pains. any advice for what i could do will be of great help. thanks
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    • August 18, 2010
    • 08:20 PM
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  • i have been dealing with this for just a few days now and it really sucks! i lost my voice, a day after i noticed a little swelling of my gums in one spot and now its all over my gums. i also ended up with the inflamed taste buds, 4 of them to be exact..its all very painful and i wish i new how to get rid of it quick! im taking ibuprophen for my throat and gland swelling, gargling with salt water, zycam losenge to ease the throat pain (works pertty well), and plenty of vitamin c and juice of the pure 100% juice kind. its all just a painful way of my body telling me to loose weight i think, lol
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    • December 7, 2010
    • 06:32 PM
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  • I have also these symptoms , I had the same 3 months ago and I was told its laryngitis by the doctor looks like I'm getting it back and I go on holiday in 3 nights looks like a holiday with no voice for me, it seems I'm also susceptible for this on my month you cycle as of my immune system is down more I guess
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