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Since October 2013, I have continued to have sinus-like problems.

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 6, 2015
  • 05:20 PM

Since October 2013, I have continued to have sinus-like problems that began by alternating with a very dry throat. I am a singer so I am very sensitive to any throat issues.

In July 2014 I saw and ENT who thought I had signs of LPR (GERD that effects the throat), prescribed Acid Reflux medicine and ordered a CT Scan which came back as "normal." From the scan he did point out a slight deviated septum that I have known about since childhood but indicated that I did not have any sinus issues.

I did some research and started to use an elevated pillow, changed my eating habits and tried to follow an acid reflux diet.

The problems continued so I was referred to an Allergist - who determined that I am not allergic to anything nor do I have asthma. However, he believed I also had acid reflux problems and increased my acid reflux medicine.

The problems still continued so I was referred to a Gastrointestinal doctor who visually indicated he did not see signs of acid reflux but ordered an upper and lower GI test. Those test came back normal but he did not rule out GERD. Instead he conducted a Acid Reflux 24 HR test. The test indicated that there was "minor league" (the doctor's words) acid reflux. However, he did not believe that it was causing the problems. He indicated to take over the counter Prilosec to assist with the Acid Reflux.

The problems still continued, every few weeks I would have sinus infection like symptoms when that wasn't happening I started getting facial pain on my left side cheek. At that time, I started to see a Nutritionist who conducted a blood test for food sensitivity. After a few weeks I learned what foods I was "sensitive" and started the LEAP diet.

About the same time, I also saw another Sinus specialist who did a camera scan and determined that I did not have any problems with my sinuses. Instead he referred me to a Neurologist and the Sinus specialist prescribed a "swish and swallow" medicine and two types of acid reflux medicine to try for 8 weeks. He believed if we went at the acid reflux with "both guns blazing" it would determine if there was actually acid reflux involved.

The Neurologist prescribed Gabapentin, and ran an MRI which came back "normal."

Another doctor had suggested that the problems could be anxiety related so I also sought out a Psychologist to help me.

About week 6-7 on the high dose of acid reflux medicine I felt really out of sorts. I was thirsty and felt a bit dehydrated. I was nauseous, sweaty and very dizzy and noticed a "rash' on my legs. Honestly, I thought my blood pressure was growing out of control. I had left my blood pressure cuff behind at work so I couldn't monitor it. Instead, I went to the ER. They indicated that my Magnesium and Sodium levels were very low.

After admitting me to the hospital the doctor on call told me to quit taking the acid reflux medicine and Gabapentin (which I never even started because of some of the on-line research I did), stop the LEAP diet and eat "normal" foods and not to drink so much water (like I did that night that I showed up at the ER).

I continue to see the Psychologist who also suggested Reiki, which I tried. The Psychologist has since told me she believes any anxiety could be due to the fact that I haven't felt well for so long and believes my problem is medical.

For a few weeks, I felt like I was getting better although I still had the leg rash and then the sinus symptoms continued off and on and changed a bit sometimes feeling like it was just in my tonsils.

I went to a dermatologist who thought the rash was Eczema and prescribed a cream that has helped.

The Neurologist thought it may be "late life" migraines so he prescribed Indomethacin. I was to take 25MG 3x a day for a week. If not better take two pills 3x a day for a week. If not better take three pills 3x a day for a week. Near the end of the trial, I was able to get an appointment with the Doctor who saw me in the hospital.

The doctor told me to quit the Indomethacin, ordered a blood test, told me to eat "normal" foods and drink less water and was alluding to me that I wasn't eating right since I had lost weight over the past months. He said once I do this all my "sinus" like problems will go away. Admittedly, I have lost weight and I have told various doctors along the way that I wasn't trying to lose weight, but it just happened (at least 15 pounds or more).

The blood test indicated that my iron was 15 and Iron Saturation was 6. So he started me on iron pills.

I am trying to eat at least 3 meals well balanced although usually I am not that hungry.

Tomorrow I am going to see a throat specialist in another attempt to find an answer.

Off and on I have tried natural remedies and teas but nothing is working.

Has anyone else had similar issues and found any resolve? I am growing desperate, tired and beginning to believe there may not be an answer for me.

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  • Yes I have for 2 months and 5 doctors no RELIEF. I also get burning menthol like mouth eyes and nose Desperate for answers
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    • December 15, 2015
    • 01:42 AM
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