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Should my niece be taken to the ER or urgent care Dr.

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 29, 2006
  • 00:58 AM

My niece has had numerous symptoms for the last 2 weeks. She's 11 months old. For the last 2 weeks she's had a fever. My SIL has taken her to the doctor twice already.

She started with a cold, then developed pink-eye. The doctor prescribed eye drops. After a couple of days the fever was gone, for a day, then came back full force. She took the baby back in and the doctor found an ear infection. He prescribed amoxicillin. (This is the first time in her life that she's been on any antibiotic.

Five days after that (Christmas Day) she got a rash on her chest. My SIL took her to an urgent care doctor who said that it was an allergy to the Penicillin. He gave her Omnicef instead. The rash went away, then came back 2 days later(yesterday) and also included vomiting. She went to the doctor who said that the it was not an allergy, she should continue medicating (since there were only 2 days left), but to also give her Benedryl against the rash. During that visit the ear infection was still there. He also said that all this was caused by a virus and that 2 weeks is not unreasonable for her to have these symptoms.

She decided not to continue the antibiotic, nor give her Benedryl, and the rash is gone, but now she still has a fever (102). Did I mention that the fever has been here all along?

Is this a ER situation? She thinks that they're the only ones that will take this seriously. On the other hand, the urgent care place will only cost the same co-payment as a regular doctor and the ER will be much more expensive.



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  • I am the aforementioned SIL and I wanted to corrected a few inaccuracies in the above post. The rash hasn't gone away yet but it is faded after stoppinf Ominicef for 1.5 days. The vomitting started after 2 days on Omnicef and on hte 6th day amoxicillin (rash on 5th day) Her fever has been quite high for the last 2 weeks, often over/about 102 but not always. It does regulate with tylenol and ibuprofen but heaven forbid I ever miss a dose. No one has offered to do any blood work or anything. Here's what I think is happening. I think she has a virus that is causing the runny nose and initially caused a fever and the pink eye. This virus is taking it's sweet time to clear up. She also has an ear infection that is causing these high temperatures. And b/c she is allergic to the first 2 anitbiotics and the dumb dr wouldn't give me another I can't rid her of the infection without another dr visit. Does this sound reasonable or am I way off base?
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    • December 29, 2006
    • 01:46 AM
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