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Red Spots on Tongue, Dry and Scratchy Eyes

  • Posted By: Steve0010
  • July 29, 2008
  • 08:29 PM

Hi. I am 18 years old. About a month and a half ago I started experiencing a bit of a sore and uncomfortable throat. It felt as if something was stuck in my throat like a lump or something. I though this was just a common cold coming until I noticed red raised spot type blisters on my tongue. The back of my throat in general appeared a little red. My eyes had felt rather dry and scratchy for a couple of weeks.

I went to the doctor before going away on holiday and he prescribed me amoxicillin tablets which I took for five days, once a day. The name of the tablets was “adco-amoclav bd fct”. He said it was most probably something viral and would pass within a couple of days but I should take the antibiotic incase it was something bacterial. The antibiotic did little, if not nothing.

When I came back from holiday, I went to my regular doctor, who prescribed me the same medication, except two tablets a day, for five days. I took this and it had no effect once again. My eyes have become really scratchy and dry, feels like I have sand in them and I am having difficulty with work because of it. I have been feeling a bit fatigued, and have not been doing any exercise for about a month because of it.

The tongue blisters/sores are not painful, and I have been brushing my teeth twice a day, including the back of my tongue, and washing with Listerine. Will garlic or maybe gargling salt water help? Or what else can I do. I am desperate because I have big exams coming up soon and I have spent a decent amount of money on two doctors already. I have attempted the saliva in a glass test for oral thrush, and I don’t think it is that. I have a girlfriend, however we do not engage in penetration or oral sex, only mutual masturbation. I have kissed her with this virus, but she has not got any of the symptoms, nor has anyone living around me, I live in close proximity with others in a boarding house. Please help. Im desperate. Nobody can tell me what I have!

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  • I don't want to say you are doing anything wrong. But. A lot of nasal products dry you out and cough and cold medicine. Try to not take any medicine that drys you neck and above. Antihistamine's are one factor in getting dryness in eyes, mouth/tongue. Cough medicine drys you out as well. That can cause a irration to your throat because of lack of dryness. You don't realy notice, but the curve going down the throat has to stay dry. If any kind of medicine is used to "numb" or "dry" your throat, it will have reactions. This may cause the circular spots at the back of your throat. Drink plenty of fuilds. Water or vitamin drinks for a few days. If your drinking coke products, the acid can also irritate and not let your tongue heal as fast as it should. Don't drink vitamin water that has a lot of Citric acid in it. Citric acid can cause irritation to your throat too. Regular oranges picked from trees contain the Citric acid you body needs. Being from the fruit is somehow better and works with your body. Artifical added Citric acid is not the same as critic acid from oranges. Both are vitamin C, but different on how created. Man vs Nature. Nature is always a better solution than pills made in labs. Hope this helps you!Summary... Drink flavored water you like for a few days. Non Citric. Don't take any cough, cold & nasal products till your body heals itself back to normal.
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  • Are you sure it isn't an std/sti like herpes? They are not tested in the normal std panel testing unless you have a sore and/or lenison. Some doctor's will do a blood test, but you have to request it because it is not a normal . Honestly, it could be anything - this is something you would need to consult a doctor over. You could have easily bitten your tongue and it's sore now.
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    • August 12, 2008
    • 04:50 PM
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  • to me it sounds like allergic reactions...i have pretty bad allergies and whenever i had bad throat or bad kidneys i got prescribd anti biotics for either tonsilitus or water infection i put 2+2 together and have had no more of this since i avioded what i was allergic to?
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