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post nasal drip ?

  • Posted By: vampirev
  • February 26, 2009
  • 08:20 PM

Hey guys, Im a 28 y/o male, vegetarian, non smoker and non drinker.

Heres the story,

for the last 2 years I seem to get a cold every 3 - 4 weeks which usually takes me out for a week. After countless trips to the dr, anitbiotics and $$$$ I went to a specalist who ended up taking out my tonsils. He also stated I have a post nasal drip and wasn't sure if the drip was causing the tonsilitus or the tonsilitus causind drip.

So 2 months on after removal, same thing again. Again with antibiotics, another trip to the specialist sees him claim its 'allergies'. He gave me a nasal spray which seemed to work for the last 4 weeks. Now I am again sick and this time it feels worse, typical headaches, nausea, sore throat (very red). Stomache pains.

No I know I said I don't eat meat but all my levels are fine and diet is good, apart from this im relatively fit.

So I'm now on Penicillin VK and they make me feel like $#$$. And I know this will only be another temporary fix. I have a funny feeling its more to do with my drip, (I can feel flegm running down my throay most of the time and that doesn't help an already stuffy head. It's usually yellow / green in colour....if that helps.

Anyways, any suggestions? This is taking too much of my life away and is starting to have effects on my mental state. (IE, Getting bery angry and apathetic becuase I feel lik $5%#@ most days.)


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  • ok , this is my post, i forgot my username and changed isp's in the meantime. anyways ^ Bump and also. I have been waking up with a pretty sore throat and headache. (i guess its best described as smokers feel?) usually goes away by lunchtime any suggestions?
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  • did anyone suggest sinusitis? -----+++++-----+++++-----+++++
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  • yeah, that was initial theory, but dr has since claimed it was allergies, clearly not, i spent 2 solid weeks renovating a house, pulling up carpets etc. No medication whatsoever and nothing during those 2 weeks. whats the next step for sinisutis?
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  • next step would be a ct scan. and if it shows as severe, and drugs don't take then they'd presumably recommend surgery. or the balloon sinuplasty treatment. which is less invasive than the regular surgery. -----+++++-----+++++-----+++++
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  • Hi I know this is an older thread but I just came across it.I posted this link in another thread but here it is again. It's a video about the balloon sinuplasty procedure. Thanks and be well.
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  • may be mold.Do you got better?
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