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  • Posted By: raymae
  • March 9, 2007
  • 11:47 AM

i have been having some problems with my mouth and throat, i have a white coated tongue (back section) and at the beginning of the year i started getting a few white patches on the roof of my mouth directly above where it is on my tongue, i scrapped them off each time i see them and eventually started getting little red pimple type bumps on the roof of my mouth. i didnt see gp at this time as the white patches stopped going on the roof and the red bumps seemed to of settled down. but two and a half weeks ago i started getting a sore throat, red bumps were back on roof of mouth and a couple on my uvola and i can also see a red patch right at back of throat on left side. i see gp and was given nystin. while taking this i my sore throat played up more for a few days it was horrid to swallow the pain was all on left side then it swapped to the right side. until eventually swallowing went back to normal. the white patches on my tongue were getting visably better and the inflamation on my roof was completly clear, then nystin run out and my tongue is more patchy and roof of my mouth has once again gone inflamed with little red bumps. i can still see one at back of throat and on uvelo. my throat feels dry quite a lot and i wake through night to drink, when laying down i can feel phylem going down my throat also, and when i first get up it feels quite thick. ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCED THIS?

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  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------i see gp last week, he said it does not look like thrush but took a swab test which i will be getting results back next week. they seem more like little pimples that are in my mouth, on the roof and even the tongue looks like pimples covered in a white stuff.sore throat went away for a while but for past 2 days i have like a little pinching feeling at back of throat when i swallow. (my husband has a bad bad cold virus so could be going down with that)? the doctor says he thinks i have a virus and it will probably clear in a couple of weeks, but ive already had it for quite some time so with no treatment or knowledge of what it is, i cant see it clearing on its own.doctor said it does not show the charateristics of anything sinister, so if swab test comes back negative for thrush he will see if it settles if not give me some mouth wash that the dentists use for irritated mouths.i have had an outbreak of pimpley spots come up on face and scalp behind ears etc... i told doctor this and he asked if i have any on wrists or fingertips??? any ideas what thats about?
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  • anyone out there?
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  • It does sound like thrush to me - do you have any vaginal symptoms? Or sinusitis? Does the skin rash itch? Do you have bleeding gums? If the test comes back as thrush, please get a product called THREELAC, instead of using nystatin (this is a very toxic drug). Threelac kills candida yeast, and you can let it dissolve on the tongue and it gives great relief and helps clear the candida out of your system. Google this for more info or visit www.candidasupport.org. Other good anticandida products are oregano oil, pau d'arco tea, and tea tree or grapefruit seed oil. If thrush is negative, it could still be viral/bacterial...Have you tried gargling with anything? I would recommend green tea (very antimicrobial), or slippery elm tea (Traditional medicinal's Throat coat is very good). Try changing your toothpaste to one that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Stay away from sugar and processed foods and see if this helps. Best wishesDOM
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  • acuaanthank you very much for your advice. i got results back from doctors and it was negative, he said nothing was showing up on swab. the pimples are still there and flare up occassionaly, tongue is still pimpley with a white coating. throat occassionly still feels a little sore at back and sometimes with a pinching feel when i swallow, but doctor didnt give me no mouth washes and suggested not using anything like listerine. i will give the green tea a try (i have tried salt water already) kind regards
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  • Message to ACCUANN have you tried THREELAC? What is in it? Where do you get it?
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  • I had thrush when I was pregnant with my second child. It is horrible! Threelac is a food based supplement that you can find online - google it for the best price (it should be around 50-60 us dollars, pricey, but that is for a two month supply and it has a guarantee!) I used this and let the product dissolve on my tongue - very soothing, and it cleared things up in about a week. I also used a Chinese herbal remedy to help, but this you'd get from an Oriental Medical doc. It is called Qing Wei San. Best wishesDOM
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  • i have started rinsing my mouth with cosodyl just recently. it does seemed to have calmed the inflamation of the pimples but not taking it away.
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  • using corsodyl now helping a little but still got this problem
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  • Sounds like you have a Herpes Simplex Virus, like shingles except in your throut. See an ENT DR. He will give you a scrip for Acyclovir. That will clear it up should that be the problem. Good luck.
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  • No, I think it is Shingles for the one problem and then I want him to get an HIV test.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 9, 2007
    • 08:01 AM
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