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Please, need help with sinus problems

  • Posted By: emilyakacupcake
  • March 14, 2009
  • 01:17 AM

I am a 22 year old female, I have been struggling with sinus problems since I was 12. My face feels constantly under pressure, I get sinus infections often and my nose seemingly runs from what I thought was allergies and runs severely in the cold. I recently got an allergy test because I was hoping I could avoid what I was allergic to and quit taking allergy and sinus medications. They told me that I wasn't allergic to anything at all, not even a little bit. It was surprising because I have episodes where my hands turn bright red and itch and my nose gets stopped up and my eyes burn. When that happens I take Benadryl and it subsides.

Are there disorders that mimic allergies? Or are my doctors full of it?

My medical history is full of illness like several episodes of strep throat, (which led to the removal of my tonsils and relieved most of my psoriasis) mono, scarlet fever, ear infections, my vision is getting worse quickly, I need an eye exam every 6-8 months instead of once a year. I have had a loss of appetite over the last year, and don't eat enough most of the time.

And some weird things I really cant explain are I seem to be extremely tolerant to hot hot water, and according to my husband I am cold to the touch all the time. My feet swell and turn dark red, burn and itch in the shower (this may be from the hot water, but I cant tell because it doesn't feel that hot to me). And I have pain in my knees and ankles at night, and my knees are red and feel hot to the touch, but dont seem swollen. The only other thing I can think of is I had hypoglycemia pretty bad when I was a teenager, but dont seem to have a problem with it now.

If anyone could help its greatly appreciated. I don't think I can handle going to another doctor and being told there's nothing wrong with me, or being treated like a waste of time.

Please help! :confused:

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  • I have no faith in western allergy testing. I too was told I had NO allergies, when I would go into an asthma fit if I was anywhere near a juniper tree. I have treated my allergies with a treatment called NAET - Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques - and I no longer have any asthma symptoms and my chronic sinusitis has also disappeared. NAET doesn't help everyone, and is expensive and time consuming...but it thoroughly changed my life. For your sinusitis symptoms I recommend several things: 1. Oil of Oregano, 300mg, several times a day. This is fantastic for sinus infections. I like NOW brand, but you can google this and look for a brand with a high dosage of around 300mg. 2. Mucinex, 1200 mg twice a day. This is the most effective OTC med to help with chronic nasal and sinus congestion. It helps to thin the nasal secretions and helps drain out your sinus passages. Very safe and very effective. 3. If you have seasonal allergies, I recommend stinging nettle or coleus forskohlii. Both help the histamine response. 4. If you have taken lots of antibiotics over the years you need a probiotic to help rebuild your intestinal flora. You should also consider and google candida overload - this can cause chronic sinusitis as well as a host of other issues. www.wholeapproah.com and www.candidasupport.org are two good websites on candida...I don't necessarily recommend their products and just use their sites for the info. 5. A neti pot or Dr. NeilMed's sinus rinse is fantastic for clearing out nasal congestion. Use this daily, just like brushing your teeth. I stopped taking antibiotics for my chronic sinusitis symptoms as they never worked for me. Often sinusitis is fungal in nature, and antibiotics won't help. Please consider these suggestions and visit a good holistic doc to help you thru this. Your symptoms of feeling cold could be a sign of thyroid troubles. Please get your thyroid tested. Poor diet may mean you are vitamin deficient. I would also get your D and B12 levels tested. Do research candida - this is a real problem that I have also battled with. A candida cleanse may really help get you back on track. Best wishesDOM
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  • Thank you so much, I will try those things. I have taken a lot of antibiotics, I've avoided them for the last year because of the horrific and instant yeast infections it would give me. So you're probably right about the yeast thing.Thanks again!
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