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Please help! This has gone on too long. :(

  • Posted By: ThatGirl1971
  • May 17, 2010
  • 06:37 PM

Hi everybody,

I'm a 39 year-old female. About two weeks before Christmas, I started having like a soreness under my tongue. It felt like I spent weeks licking ice cream cones. Finally, after Christmas, I went to the ER; and they treated me for strep. However, the rapid strep came back negative. I took all the antibiotics, and it seemed go away for a couple of weeks. About mid-February, the pain was back full force. I went back to the ER, and once again was treated for strep, yet the rapid strep was negative. I didn't take the antibiotic, but instead I went to an ENT. He said it looked like I had some thrush on the back of my tongue. Treated me for that and gave me some Magic Mouthwash. It only got worse. The pain is never consistent. It hurts to talk for any length of time; my throat gets very sore, and my glands feel swollen.

So the ENT did a scope and found nothing. He sent me to a gastro specialist thinking it was acid reflux. Gastro doc ordered a cat scan of the neck. Thryoid and submandibular glands were slightly enlarged. Both ENT and Gastro doctor checked the dvd and films of cat scan, and they both said it wouldn't cause the kind of pain I'm talking about. One night it's in my tongue, then my throat, then the upper side of my gums. Could it be dental? I have a partial on top, and I've had one since I was 12 years old. The ENT said it could be that, but the dentist doesn't see a problem. The ENT also said I could have developed an allergy to nicotene, yet it doesn't seem worse whether I smoke more or less. The problem did seem to start after I had dental work done on my bottom molars. Can ANYONE relate to this? I'm ready to lose my mind! (and I'm thinking these specialists have already thought that!) :)

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