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Please Help!!! 2 Desperate Bachelors In Need....

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 31, 2006
  • 06:24 AM

:( My name is Jay and yesterday around late afternoon my very good friend Scott came to me and pointed out the fast growing swelling on the left side of his face it starts right at the upper lip and gradually gets larger around the nose/cheek area. The swelling is sort of soft yet medium-hard underneath the skin, he said it's slightly painful but it looks a lot worse than it feels I guess. I believe it's a dental abscess, but i did want to mention unfortunately he snorted a small amount of table salt (Morton's), hopefully that will not have an effect on your decision to answer this request. I am really concerned. Thank you so much!
Optimistically waiting,

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  • Dental or not, it definately needs attention. My answer (unfortunately) revolves around insurance) If he has any - find out which is lowest co-pay and where can he get in the fastest. If his gums are also swollen -dentist is the way to go......if not,and it being from the lip to the nose cheek, it sounds allergic. If that is the case....no big deal....just take some antihistimines ( Benedryl, Claritin, etc) and see what happens. Benedryl is probably best but ask at the druig store (with Benedryl you can double the dose -( but I never said that! ) :D He could even go ask the pharmacist where he should go or how to handle over the counterbased on how it looks (bachelor or not - I bet you have reasonable judgement :))Either way, use cortizone and/or allergy cream as well. The pharmacist can look at it and tell u which way to go ( pharamacists are the best kept - and FREE - medical resource around) Then just put some on it- a bag of frozen peas works wonderfully. And I KNOW single men ALWAYS have frozen peas! :)) HA! Mydaughter had the same thing - several tmes. It was all in the soft tissue ( as it seems you describe vs gums) once it was a bug bite - though we could see NOTHING.....once a cat scratch, And the final time, she had snuggled up and put her head on my shoulder. I was using a new fabric softner ( one she has not had washed yet ( she is 9 - all clothes that need to be laundered are under her bed!!!!)) First time - she was exposed to a flea or Chigger - so it was just irritating. 2nd time She was putting the cat in a wedding dress and then carrying it to the dog groom - an unwilling groomas mostbachelors are! A/C cut on, dog barked, cat panicked and basically gave her a puncture mark which became swollen. And we could not see any marks on her face....not to muddy the waters, could be sunburn he touched something or someone with make up. lotion, etc and , unknowingly, touched his face with it on - and was allergic. If you are bachelors....maybe someone happened to be in close contact with perfume??? If so, again - benedryl and cortisone cream. Just do the benedryl - big dose. Wait 3-5hrs - of it is not better, go see the doc!I apologize for rambling....I came on here to learn about the medical issue....I just found out my diagnosis of cerebral atrophy tonightn r that know nothing about it-just know it sounds scary. It is amazing how concerned everyone gets when u are in front of the Board of Directors of an F500 company introducing the new CEO - and you forget why you are there....or fall down in front of 100's ofthousands of investors! So please forgive my nervous ramblings...BUT I stand by my Benedryl statement! :D Is everyone going through a medical challenge???? I am not even 40 and I am a bit freaked....any suggestions would be great! It feels pretty lonely having somethng so devastating and unexpected at my age and no one to depend upon and lots of people expecting me to be brilliantand infallible..OK ENOUGH RAMBLING! Good luck with the balloon face!- so please forgive! Good luck! (and if ANYONE has any words of wisdom/comfort/coping skills re: cerebral atrophy and work social life and parenting - or any other disease that makes you appear an idiout ............................please let me know how you handled it.
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