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Pictures! weird growth on the right tonsil? Help! Scared!

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 2, 2010
  • 10:40 AM

Hi guys, just last month I had reason to inspect my mouth and i noticed this growth on my right tonsil.

I'll say that when i was younger, some of my relatives mentioned that I had some enlarged tonsils. As i grew older i did notice that there seem to be some extra "meat" on my right tonsil and that i did notice a tiny piece of "meat" growing from my right tonsil, therefore making it look larger. in the pictures it looks like it could interrupt with my swallowing but it has not. I don't have any pain in my neck or ear pain or any symptoms of tonsil cancer that Wikipedia has spit out for me. the only thing is that whenever i sleep over somewhere my buddies say that i have loud snoring and what seems to be like bad breathe after i eat.

I am literally scared to death. I go to UCSB and i have no idea how to set up an appointment with my doctor without calling my parents and my parents would freak out if i told them why. on top of that i'm scared that if I do go to the doctor and he tells me that i do have cancer i will fall apart. And i am deathly afraid of surgery but ill do it if it's and life and death issue. I have been stressed and i cant sleep and i should be writing my term paper right now but i cant not know any longer. Thank god i found this forum.

And do you know what cruel irony exist in this story? I am a biochem major trying to be a doctor in the oncology field. I feel as if life slighted me. And yes, i know it sounds weird cuz i am a college student and you would associate that with partying and drugs but that is not so. I can count on my fingers the times I have drank alcohol. Six times!!! and I've tried smoking, weed and tobacco, even less. A total of 4 times.

So the pictures of tumors in my textbooks and on google say that it is not a tumor. it is not a lump. it looks like two tendrils or tentacles if you will. so that leads me to think that they are benign polyps since tonsil growth is quite common. also coupled with the fact that since it seems that its been there since i was a child makes me think that i could be nothing. but my friend seems to think that maybe its a dormant cancer. I am freaking out. Someone help? Regardless i will push myself to go to the doctor but i kinda want a soft blow first. i've been really depressed because ive been working hard and will have to for the next several years of my life and having cancer will literally deliver a death blow to my hopes and dream and esteem. Thank you for those that help me.

in the photos, its on the left side. can't miss it.







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