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painful lumps behind ears

  • Posted By: soul1searcher
  • September 23, 2011
  • 00:33 AM

hello i stumbled across this forum when searching the net for my symptoms

I'll start from the start so to speak i get these lumps behind my ears they stay there all the time generally just a pea size and don't bother me but id say maybe 3/4 times a year they swell up massive sometimes one side sometimes both sides , and they hurt like **** like the pressure is building up and they eventually pop and go away again for a few months , i've seen numerous doctors who seem to have no idea what they are and said they cannot operate and im sick to the back teeth of it , the pain is so intense i can't sleep i can barely twist my head as it hurts so much its like all tight and awful it stems right down to my neck does the tightness , its kinda hard to explain .. but when they pop it starts out as puss that comes out then it turns to blood. They are really embarassing and i dont like to leave the house when i have them and they are just generally getting me down i mean when they swell up its like the size of a bouncy ball its kinda like a big hard sack of something . i was wondering if anyone else has suffered from this ? i do have a pic of it before it burst and i couldnt actually believe how big it was myself :(

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