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painful bumps and canker sores

  • Posted By: catmom
  • March 18, 2007
  • 00:42 AM

I thought I burned by tongue last weekend, and my my mouth has gradually gotten worse. I was eating weird to avoid hitting my tongue and I bit down on my cheek hard. A couple days later I have white and red bumps on the side and tip of my tongue and a canker sore on the inside of my lip and cheek. I was having an awful time trying to eat.

Now today, my throat hurts and when I took a flashlight into my mouth to get a closer look, I have tiny red bumps on the roof of my mouth towards the back and looks like my tonque is really white back there- it burns and is scratchy. I'm totally miserable.

Do I call the dentist or Dr? I'll call on Monday. I've also been tired and not myself this week, so I'm wondering if it could be some type of virus.

Anybody else gone through this or have any suggestions for the pain?


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  • The same thing seems to be happening to me and I'm not sure what caused it. I've had a sore throat and so I've been eating a lot of lifesavers and ludens, which are sugary. My tongue started feeling funny, like burning and tingly and now that I look at it, it's got weird bumps, like some of the taste buds are inflamed perhaps? I also bit the side of my mouth 3 times in the same place right before this all started happening, although my tongue might've already been burning when I bit my cheek. It's all mushed together in my memory so I can't remember what happened first, second, and third, ya know? I know that my resistance is really low right now because I've been having major insomnia for months now and am subsisting on very little sleep during the week. I sleep a ton on the weekends but I know you can't really "make up" for lost sleep. Is there a possibility though that this was brought on by my whitening/tartar control toothpaste? Or from too much sugar (i.e. lifesavers)? I'm really scared to go to the doctor even though I know I really should go. If anyone else has any ideas about this, please let me know. I'm really really really freaked about going to the dentist more than the regular doctor so I'm hoping this isn't a dental problem! (Forgive me doctor but it's been over 3 years since my last dental appointment.)
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  • I went to the DR on monday and he said it was a virus- he's seen several cases over the last few weeks- I've never heard of this before. A woman at work said her husband had the same thing a couple weeks ago. DR said it should last 2 weeks and just take pain meds for the discomfort (I call it excrutiating pain!). An antibiotic wouldn't help. My throat is feeling better, but I have swollen glands and a slight fever. My canker sores don't seem to be healing very good, but hopefully this will all be gone in a few days.This last weekend was the worst- it felt like my throat and mouth was on fire.
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  • I was having jet lag/insomnia after a trip to Asia and then after only two days back at work, I fell sick with exhaustion and a mild fever. I now have 3 nasty looking canker sores on the back of my tongue and my tongue in general looks a bit swollen/discolored/disgusting. I've been taking a ton of vitamins and trying to sleep. It's been 5 days...I guess I'll see a doctor tomorrow but it doesn't seem like there's anything they can do. If it's Earth-shattering medical news (instead of something brought on by a weakened immune system), I'll report back on this site. If any doctors happen by this and want to post - that would be great!
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    • January 14, 2008
    • 05:58 AM
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  • I used to get canker sores when I was little. My mom never took me to the doctor. The first time I got one, around 6 years old, my mom told me not to worry about it and sure enough it would go away in a day. My mom blowing it off put me at ease. I do not remember suffering with these sores but, I do remember getting them every now and again. Once even I happened to have one when I went to visit the dentist and he remarked “so we’ve got a little sore but you’ll be fine when I am done”. May be he got them too; I don’t know but what he said made me forget about it and I do not remember having another one after seeing him (but I do not think he did anything more than clean my teeth). Furthermore, I believe you all when you say the pain is excruciating because I don’t believe I would tell my mom that my mouth hurt unless it really hurt. My mom was the type that would get mad at me for being sick. So I did not go to her for little stuff – my mouth must have been seriously hurting for me to tell her. My advice is to get something to numb the area before eating. I believe when I got my wisdoms out, the dentist gave me this numbing gel/ ointment that had 20% benzocaine in it to help me intake regular food. The gel would not have been necessary if my weight weren’t an issue. My weight fluctuates down very quickly if I do not stay on a regular diet of at least 3 meals a day or more. May be a drug store has some similar options.
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    • February 15, 2008
    • 04:53 AM
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  • I had something like this a few years ago when my daughter was a baby. She caught hand foot and mouth disease (unfortunately from playing with toys at the doctors office- she came down with it days after a routine checkup, only to find there had been several cases seen at the office), and I caught it from her. Both of us had our mouths covered in sores, similar to canker sores, all over the gums, tongue, throat and even lips. It was excruciating and we could not eat for days. It hurt to swallow. There was no remedy, it had to run it's course over a few days, and the only relief was a mixture of benadryl liquid swished in the mouth. It's very contagious if you share a cup or utensils with someone.
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    • September 21, 2011
    • 01:52 AM
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