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pain on the left side of my throat for almost 2 years. HELP PLEASE!!

  • Posted By: helpplease123
  • February 23, 2012
  • 04:32 AM

I have been having an CONSTANT pain on the left side of my throat since June 30th, 2010. I am not sure the exact location of the pain, whether it is my throat, tonsils or something else, I just know that there is pain there on the left side, it usually hurts more when i woke up in the morning, and it hurts when i swallow, a lot of times it just hurts the whole time!!!

I am very worried about this because it has persisted for SUCH long time. I have seen several physicians, including an ENT who inspected my throat with a black scope to look inside but he found nothing. He said it looked normal except that it was a little bit inflamed, which could be caused by acid reflux. He gave me some medicine but it seemed like it did not help at all!!!

Right now, im feeling worse, im feeling more painful and im more nervous now because im afraid the pain will never go way or it is some kinda cancer or something. Im just so eager to know what could it be, what could it be that cause me painful for so long CONSTANTLY!!!

I am unsure at this point. I've done my own research, seen several physicians for different opinions but still no answers. I do not know what else to do, so I am hoping that someone here may give me some input, advice or maybe share a similar experience of their own, please help everyone!!! any suggestions will be appreciated, im just so lost right now...

Anyone have the same problem????????

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  • OK, I think I may have found the fix for this! I had pain in left tonsil area and ear for about a week and a half; even had a couple of dizzy spells with it. Very tender on scalp behind and above the ear too.You will need:-Ibuprofen to reduce the pain and swelling in your tonsil, sinuses and ear. You can do this about an hour before you start this process. -A good brand of Colloidal Silver; like MesoSilver or Sovereign Silver. Don't go cheap here! You want very small silver particles. Get at least 4-8 ounces. You can use what remains for cuts and scrapes, sore gums, mouth sores, foot fungus, etc.-A long glass eye dropper. Sometimes you can get a bottle of Sovereign Silver that already has one; Otherwise, you will need to mail order it.-Long cotton swabs (if you have tonsils). Puritan has one called Pur-Wraps that is sterile. You can find them at medical supply stores or mail order.-And an empty nasal spray bottle. If you have tonsils, wet the cotton swab and press on the tonsil with the cotton swab to empty out the goop that is inside. Rinse your mouth with plain water. Try not to barf. If you do, rinse with plain warm water and wait a while before you continue.Blow your nose to clear out as much mucus as possible.Put a FEW drops of colloidal silver into the hole in your tonsil with the glass dropper. Do not press the liquid out of your tonsil. You want it to stay in.Put some colloidal silver into the EMPTY nasal spray bottle. Spray it into your nose until it runs down the back of your throat. It will taste a little bitter. Blow your nose again after a few minutes - and repeat until your nose and sinuses feel clear. Don't drink or eat anything for a least an hour; you don't want to dilute the solution in your throat.You can put a couple of sprays or drops into your ear if you like. Tissue off any that drains out - don't let it get on clothing because it can stain.Colloidal Silver is an anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-biotic. I keep some on hand because I am allergic to several antibiotics.I did this last night after suffering for 1 1/2 weeks. I woke up this morning with no pain at all. But I will continue with the nasal application for a few days because I still have a little mucus. I've heard that if you suffer from tonsil stones, that rinsing your nose with the Colloidal Silver will reduce or even keep you from getting them. If this doesn't work, try a good Chiropractor. You may have an issue with bone alignment in your neck and scull.
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