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Open Your Throat

  • Posted By: marybi
  • August 26, 2009
  • 00:21 PM

Hi, I just posted a new page to my blog about problems swallowing, etc...
Here is a quote "Do not lift your shoulders from the floor. Now, while holding your head up, stick out your chin as if to lift your bottom teeth over your top teeth. At the same time, stretch your bottom lip upwards, as if to touch it to your nose. Hold this for as long as you can. Very soon, I was holding this stretch for one minute.

Warning! This could hurt you! At first, I was able to hold this stretch for mere seconds. At first, it caused all types of discomfort, up to and including nausea. Sometimes this pain would come up behind my eyes, and was almost unbearable. This is not a stretch for sissies! I've done all those sissy neck stretches - for about three months last summer. I was trying to get relief from my thumb pain, and had read it could be caused by scalene muscles entrapment. Those stretches did absolutely nothing for me.

You can do this! Go slowly, carefully, maybe even do it in your bed in the morning. Don't hurt yourself!

Within a week or two, I noticed that I was brushing my tongue without gagging/puking in the sink.
I looked up at myself in the mirror, awestruck. I got out my magnifying mirror and looked at my throat. I could see that the back of my throat had moved backwards. When I opened wide and said "Ahhhhh" it was even more pronounced. Was this possible? Here we go again with the most amazing stuff! Also, the roof of my mouth was arched higher. It didn't look like me in there. All of a sudden, I had so much room, I could rent it out to a family of four!!! I told my sister all about it on the phone. We were cracking up. At that time, I didn't think of the implications.

Go read the rest - http://mystretchedbody.blogspot.com/search/label/Open%20Your%20Throat

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