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Neck problem after General Anaesthetic

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 9, 2008
  • 09:49 AM

Hope someone can give me some pointers. I went into hospital and
had General Anaesthetic whilst they repaired Hernia and took out
Lymph node.

I was ok whilst recovering in hospital in February 08 but then couple weeks
after getting back home I started feeling very tired in mornings and other thing was very red eyes when I first woke up. I will keep this short on this
forum as I have a specific question, but long and short my Dr has suggested,after many blood tests were negative, possibly could be hypoxia.

Now the specific question. What I have noticed is that my neck has go slightly "soft" to touch, whereas before I went into hospital it was firm from weight training etc. It is as if it has lost size and thus feels flabby "ish".
Also I have a slight neck pain/ache. I recall when I was just about to have the General Anaesthetic I was handed a mask and I propped myself up on left hand arm whilst I held the mask ,i.e. I was not lying flat down.
The Anaesthetist went around behind somewhere to do something and I breathed in on the mask and next thing I know I was gone. Now bearing in mind I was propped up I wonder whether I twisted my neck somehow when I crashed down on the bed ??. I could never turn my head fully to the right
but now I can do and so maybe whilst I was under my neck was twisted into a position that it had never done before. I wonder whether this may be what is causing me the pain in the neck and the soft feeling ??.
Main symptoms I have apart from above is extreme tiredness and difficulty
getting up. Takes few hours before I become compos mentis in the morning
and shake off utter tiredness.

Any comments appreciated.


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