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My last hope.

  • Posted By: LeeLee
  • May 6, 2008
  • 08:25 AM

Hi guys!!

I have suffered with extreme and violent sneeze attacks since I was about 11. The symptons I have all point to an allergy but it can't be and i'll explain why...

When I wake in the morning my nose is fine. It is clear and not irritable at all. Once I rise out of bed I get an irritation in the bridge of my nose between the eyes and most of the time on the left nasal passage. Now this irritation causes mucus to drip down the nostril. Once I put a tissue to my nostril, it starts. The irritation now extends the full length of the nostril and i sneeze. Once I sneeze the first time i could go on for 10-15 times. After the sneezing attack my eyes are red and puffy my nose is still irritable and the sneeze attacks continue periodically throughout the day i no consistant format. This goes on for the remainder of the day. The only way I can rid it is too fall asleep.

I have taken all the drugs on the market and even had an injection when I was around 15 for Hayfever as the Docs always looked at this as an allergy. The problem is - the symptons I have all point to it being an allergy but why does it start when I rise out of bed, when I swim or when i'm in a plane coming into land. At first I thought it was pressure but i'm not getting any pain in my sinusis - they're just emptying, but no pain!! I found out last week that when I was 8 I had my Adenoids out, I know a girl who has told me she suffered from similar symptons as me and the reason for it was due to her Adenoids re-growing. I wonder if this can be a reason..?

My eye's become very sore and puffy because i'm always wiping them. Sometimes I have tears rolling down my cheeks because of this problem. I understand people may look at the allergy route but i've had an allergy test for over 300 things and it came back that i was only moderately allergic to Yeast and Wheat. Nothing else!!

This is ruining my quality of life. If there is anyone out there who has experienced this before or might have known someone who has been through this please let me know what I can do for myself. It really would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!!

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  • It can still be allergies. There are all kinds of things that you can be allergic to. They only test for the most common ones. By the way, did they test for smoke or environmental allergies? Do you leave your window open at night (although this can slow anything coming from the outside, it will not totally stop it) Possibly cars driving by in the morning, or something coming in from outside, someone smoking in the house, the smell of morning coffee etc? Have you tried moving your head in different directions. By this I mean , bending over with your head facing the ground etc? Part of the problem may be that you have a "deviated septum" (meaning that the part that separated both sides of your nose) normally blocks the discharge unless you are moving around etc. You can have other things like nasal polyps (small but noncancerous growths in the nose) that can also block the nose from dripping properly but when you are in a certain position (lying down) or diving into the water etc. you nose then properly drains.
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