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My ENT disregards CT changes in my sphenoid & ethmoid sinuses, but I've read they are most serious.

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 20, 2014
  • 09:07 PM

I've had chronic sinus problems for years,deviated septum, chronic hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, & last year a small wire was removed from my left maxillary sinus that had migrated there from a facial surgery I had in 1985. It had set up an infection of two strains of Pseudomomonas and one Enterobacter sp. I had told doctors for a couple years that I smelled Pseudomonas in there, but was told it was unlikely. Some of my symptoms have persisted, like earache, headache, nasal blockage, post-nasal drip, and weird sneeze episodes that are hard to stop. Image tests and endoscopy always show my main sinuses to be normal but a recent CT showed thickened membranes in my sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses. My ENT says my symptoms don't correlate, but from what I read, they DO. He wants to fix my deviated septum, but disregards any disease of the sinus abnormalities. From what I read, it is sphenoid sinusitis that can be most dangerous to eyes and brain. Should I get a second opinion before having surgery? If I proceed with septal surgery, would the surgeon be able to evaluate those "lesser" sinuses easily during surgery?
By the way, I'm one of those people who is the "one in a million" who gets the rare stuff. Doctors are always having to retract their diagnostic opinion when they finally test me for what I've been suspecting & find that I'm right. If it can happen, it WILL happen to me... my luck is that bad.

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