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My ear infection (Is there a REAL Doctor out there?

  • Posted By: PoeticCelt
  • September 11, 2007
  • 09:46 PM

This severe ear infection has been active for a very long time…… A primary Care Doctor, I believe and suspect, incited this infection by putting “dirty” examination tools in my ears and/or putting ear wax removal drops in my ears which I protested against.…… I had no EAR difficulties prior to the general-exam visit with this 'medical person'. (Early 2007)

In March 2007, the infection got to such a point that I had to go to the ER for medical assistance. There my ears were flushed out with Peroxide/water via syringe which caused my throat to burn and choked me, which brought me to my knees. I was sent away with Amoxicillin 500MG cap and Ciprofloxacin 0.2%HC 1% OTIC SUSP.

Since this time I had been treated by that hospital physician, #1 Dr. XXXXXXXX, (Chief ENT Physician) at the large hospital with various combinations of vinegar/water solutions to include other solutions as Acetic Acid 2?ALUM ACET 10.79% OTIC SOLN; various antibiotics: Amoxicillin Trihydrate 500MG ,azithromycin (6 pill treatment) and Clindamycin HCL 300MG…. None of which has aided me, for the infection rages on.

I do experience balance instability, dizziness, periods of hearing loss, perforations, pain in ears and in the throat, head aches, pressure at times quite intense within EAR and the top and frontal portion of the skull, weakness and taste differences; which causes much stress; for I am in stress.

My concern is with Chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma as I am aware infections in the middle ear can spread deeper inside the inner ear, causing hearing loss and dizziness, but serious complications include brain infections, such as an abscess or meningitis. Also may cause injury to the facial nerves and facial paralysis.

I am seriously concerned about the status of this chronic infection and the rather strange negative reactions I am experiencing; which is all new to my general physical health.

Please do help me in earnest to combat this illness. To this day….there has been no real improvement. Apparently “something” is raging on which no-one has identified yet. For me this is an agonizing Limbo.

* Acetic Acid 2% in Aqueous Aluminum Acetate Otic Solution
6 Drops in both ears 4X per day (Worsened condition). Stopped/Notified ENT Doctors.

Doctor #2 My ear infections are worsened again just two days after #2 ENT Specialist used Boric Acid powder at my last visit June 26, 2007.
My ear fills up with a golden-yellowish fluid (approximately every fifteen minutes) and will run down my face if I do not wipe it away. The greater amount of fluid is in a fluid state, but a portion does seem to set somewhat as a gel.

Most recently, within the last few days, I get a sudden choking reaction (which is a new reaction) across from the left ear canal within my “throat”. Choking quite continuously for about five minutes and difficult to breath during these episodes and abnormal hearing sounds and bangs.. I now also was informed I have had two EAR infections: 1 Bacterial & 2 Fungal. Even now at present (September 11, 2007) my own voice sounds rather muffled and alien to me.

No treatment (quite non-caring attention) by either 'Physician' has rendered any solution to end my plight.
I am hopeful a skilled Physician will read this give this matter attention and advise me correctly. Thank you!

NOTE: I have all Med Records from the #1 Doctor available.

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  • Hello..I came across to this site and red your stories that really touches me. Year 2006, my left ear become itchy and right away I went to EENT. Yhe doctor said theres a pimple in the ear canal..she gave me eardrops and amoxillin for 10 days. After 7 days, I visited again for a follow up check up..and she cleansed my left ear. She told me to continue the amoxicillin but on the 10th days allergy appeared in my whole body which worsen the ear and turned in to ear infection. She treated me for four weeks and finally she gave up because all the medicine she prescribed makes my body react and she found out my eardrum get perforated. Im so hopeless. MAny sleepless painful nights and clear liquid flow, my face swollen ...I even got hospitalized because my whole world is spinning and I always vomited for everything I took. I shopped for almost six doctors even in the well known hospital here in Manila. Im really hopeless even went to herbalist, and natural medicine but it doesnt work. Finally I met a friend and recommend me to try another EENT. Thanks God after a two weeks of medication (he provided it and cant be bought outside), my eardrum went closed(the past 6 doctors told me need operation to repair for perforated eardrm coz the hole size is irregular) and the next step is to treat mastoiditis. After 10 days again my body reacted in medicine and the allergy was worst than the previous one. I went to my doctor and he treated my allergy which it took two weeks before it subside. After few months....my body changes....I always feel my left nostrill is stuffy and my left ear block, my eyes always sleepy. MAybe this is the after effect of different pharmaceutical drug that I took for the past seven months. The doctor gave me different antihistamine but it doesnt work. Nasonex make me feel better. I thank God because after two years of rest..(I stop working) ....I feel Im getting better. Though sometimes I feel my left nostrill is stuffy and my left ear is sometimes blocked...I just put sodium ascorbate in the water and drop it in my nostrill and after an hour...everything will go back to normal. My point of writing you is that some doctors really cant evaluate whats going on with the patient body...they just follow their routine of treating a patient. I hope your body goes back to normal since your email is 2007 and now is 2008. I just accidentally red your stories coz Im searching the net. Since then, I always feel thirsty even myglucose and thyroid test result is normal . Im just 39 and never been sick in my life. It just strted with all the wrong medication given me. Anyway...goodluck and God Bless.
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