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Misery. Voice issues, multiple allergies, on meds since 12 years.

  • Posted By: sunandmoon
  • January 17, 2013
  • 10:35 AM


I'm a 24 year old male. I'm suffering from some sort of allergy/ allergies where I catch cold, cough, sneezing, voice pitch alterations, itching all over the body at random locations (on itching, the area ends up with a rash, red spots or sometimes red bumps). Mild cough and cold persist almost everyday, but there are times when I suffer from heavy cold and cough and when it occurs (several times year), it's bad. This has been happening every day since my childhood. I've been on anti-histamines since more than 12 years. I have anti-histamines everyday to suppress the itches (doesn't work much for cold). For now, doctors have confirmed allergic rhinitis and a case of mild sinus.

My main concern is I don't know since when (but since more than 7 years), but my voice pitch is usually under a very short range and sounds as if something isn't letting my voice out completely. My voice wasn't originally this way. On a social gathering or any sort of place that isn't silent, i'm barely audible. What I mean is, the voice range is fine if someone is besides me (in an silent room), otherwise, I have to stress and talk more louder to be heard. Yet, the voice quality is unpleasant I could say my throat is easily stressed, not sure if that is the case. I can also feel some noticeable roughness persistently on my throat while speaking and while idle. I can't talk more than 2 minutes continuously, if I do, my voice gets worse and the audibility decreases even further. When I wake up, the voice is usually much better, but very quickly, it's begins to worsen. It might happen that sometimes during the day, my voice gets better, but that's very short lived.

Also, I got my self checked with an ENT and she attempted to insert a tube with a camera inside my throat, my throat fought back and I couldn't take it in. She squirted some anaesthesia inside my throat as another attempt, but that didn't work either, my throat fought back. With a little glimpse of my throat, she could tell that I have post-rhinitis drip. And after the failed attempts, she concluded that I have a very irritable throat and must go under full body anaesthesia and get my throat checked. She suggested that, before doing this, I better get myself tested for allergies to rule out any other issues that might be causing this.

This was recent and I'm worried if I have some terrible disorder or a sign of an upcoming disease. Can anyone put some light on what and why is all this happening to my voice? Could this just be my allergies?

Hoping for some help.

Thank you.

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