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Light headed, pressure behind eyes, nausea

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 8, 2011
  • 05:58 AM

Hi there, I really hope someone can help me, this has been a pretty big issue because it is keeping me out of work. Sorry for the length, but please take the time to read!

So last Friday I felt fine, ws getting ready to go out for the new year and didn't want to eat much so i ate a few spoon fulls of peanut butter and jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower I started to feel extremely light headed, dizzy, and got a weird pressure behind my eyes. I kept feeling like I was really going to pass out at any moment. I then ended up vomiting a few times. this went on for a few days until tuesday when i was at my sister's apartment and almost passed out in her kitchen. She took me to the hospital where they did blood tests, a urine test, and an ekg... nothing. They sent me home saying as little as "it's probably just a virus." I didn't buy it, can a virus really make me feel like that? If so, WHAT virus? Well wednesday i felt absolutely fine, but after eating some resse's cups last night I ended up getting violently sick again and began throwing up. I am starting to think part of it might be a peanut allergy? I've never had a problem with peanuts before though, and i eat a lot of peanut butter, I also haven't had any hives or anything like that just the puking and diarrhea also, but i get bad sick both times i eat peanut butter? Big coincidence if you ask me. That still wouldn't explain the extreme light headeness. I thought I might be pregnant but i took a home test, plus they checked me at the hospital and they were both negative. I started my period the day after i went to the hospital and it was very heavy, and my periods aren't usually like that. Maybe i had an early miscarriage? I don't really know, I'm just trying to think of all the options. I've also been getting headaches every single day without fail but i think that they are just caffeine headaches because i'm cutting way back on my caffeine intake. I am still light headed and dizzy and I just really need some answers, it's making me feel horrible. Thanks for your time.

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  • Did you ever get to the root of this? I never actually vomited but I spent 3 years with almost chronic nausea and dreadful pain behind one eye (it felt like pressure from the inside out) and I always felt slightly wobbly/dizzy. It turned out I was allergic to grapefruit juice. (a frequent migraine trigger). I didn't consider my symptoms to be related to migraines but I stopped eating/drinking anything citrus and this turned out to be the clincher. Hope you're feeling better now.
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