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Knocked out teeth

  • Posted By: kiwi88
  • January 19, 2007
  • 05:00 PM

Hi there,
Has anyone had a similar experience or have suggestions for my younger sister, who knocked out 2 of her front, upper teeth a few years ago? My sister has cerebral palsy (only mild, but she often overbalances) and fell over, knocking out her teeth. She was only 9 years old and is now 16, and has finally been given an idea of what can be done for her to help with the appearance of her mouth. Either she can have a "bridge", which will be bits of wire stuck onto the back of the adjacent teeth, and two false teeth stuck onto that, so from the outside of her mouth, it will look as though she has all her teeth. However, I am unsure of how much use she will have of these teeth - probably still wont be able to bite into an apple or corn.
There is also a second option, of having implants, which she can use normally - BUT, when she fell over, she also smashed (and I mean completely smashed) her lower right cheek bone, which the doctors were able to piece together, but it is very dense and will not hold the implants. If my sister choses this option, she will have to have some of her hip bone taken to replace the bone in her cheek and the teeth implants put into that. It will be a much more painful and time-consuming experience for her, but may leave her with a better quality of life.

Basically, I am looking for ANYONE who can tell me what they know, or if they have had a similar experience (even just bone taken from the hip or something!) - so that my sister can make the right decision for her teeth. We are also worried that, if she falls again later on in life, she may knock the implants or bridge out of her mouth - causing damage again. In this case, it may be better to just have the bridge...but who knows. The decision is very difficult for her, and having had a fairly awful experience with her teeth last time in hospital, she is extremely nervous about the operations, etc.

THANKYOU to anyone that can help - this is posted under a few different sections, sorry if you read it twice!!!

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  • I am an RDH and have worked for dental implant company. I am not clear about what the damage to a cheek bone (you said lower) which would be her mandible or (lower jaw) so did she have damage to the upper jaw or lower? You said she knocked out her front teeth how many and which ones? But in general implants are stronger. If she knocked out just the front two upper teeth lets say, any past trauma you mentioned should not be a problem??? But the ridge where the implant is placed must be a certain width and the level of the bone looking face on should be as even to the adjacent teeth as possible and not concaved up. There are techniques to expand this ridge and there are very narrow implants availble now. As tiny as 3.0 mm in diamater and the rule is you need 2 more mm more of bone than the implant front to back. But your concern of a bridge is somewhat unfounded (again depending of the span of the bridge) A four unit bridge with two complete abutments (complete crowns on eith side should be very strong.
    all ears 1 Replies
    • January 21, 2007
    • 02:34 AM
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  • Hi again, Thanks very much for your information. The bone that was damaged was actually the front of the upper jaw, and the upper right middle tooth and one next to it are both missing. (I have my mum with me now, telling me exactly what happened!). Unfortunately, the other middle tooth is now showing dark patches on the X-ray, which may require her to have a root canal. This was caused by another fall about a year ago. I believe that during her original operation, the surgeon repositioned as much bone as he could, and now there is a lot of bone missing. Looking on the X-ray, the bone is not dense, concave in shape, but I dont know how thick it is now. The dentist believes that, if she knocks her mouth, the implants will cause the bone to become more damaged. But, from what you say, implants are reasonably strong and perhaps this should not be a deterrent in the decision to have implants if she does decide to go ahead. She is also going to see a periodontist, so hopefully we will find out more information before we need to make any decisions.Apparently, bone could be taken from either her rib or hip, or there is some sort of synthetic bone available. What do you think/know about any of this?Thanks so much for any help you can give us. All my sister would like is to have better use of her mouth, and to look as normal as anyone else. My mum finds it invaluable to hear other people's opinions.Also, sorry to sound stupid, but what is an RDH?!
    kiwi88 11 Replies
    • January 21, 2007
    • 04:19 AM
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