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Its a mystery that maybe isn't.

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 20, 2009
  • 04:37 AM

Perhaps I may or may not write the entire long drawn out issues I've had.
Since I was a kid I've had bad season allergies. Check.
I'm 21. Check.
I'm not obese. Check.
When I was 16 I had an ulcer. Check.
Always had chests pain from time to time. Check.
In November of 2008 I had a lump that grew in size near my side burns, it dissipated and grew, rinse and repeat. Now its very small and hard. I had bloodwork done + antibiotics, and nothing conclusive was ever told to me about that. Check.
I don't eat very well, my diet is not that great.
I don't sleep more than 7 hours when I work during weekdays.
My life is stressful, like everyone elses, more than others,perhaps due to issues with family and etc.. Check.
On more occasions than one It feels like I'm gagging on something, and it helps if I clear my throat a tad bit. I also have stomach pains from time to time. It feels like a lump that sits there sometimes.

Here's my real problem...
Towards the end of February, maybe even March 1st or 2nd, I have bad pain in my side, and I had a fever and everything. It was in the general area of my kidney, and it was a general spot of pain. She gently pushed in on my side, and it was definitely painful. She didn't prescribe me any antibiotics, and I had a my urine tested - No infection. Check.

So my doctor thinks (I think she does (She hasn't said that to me), but I'm just commenting) I'm a hypochondriac, which I might be, but I'm seriously cautious about my health. I care about my health, yet I still don't eat right.. Ironic.. I know.
So Since the end of February (start of march) I've had swollen lymph nodes, sometimes bad, sometimes worse. I can feel them if I move my neck the right way.
I'm worried that perhaps, I'm not taking more action because I think she (my doctor) believes I'm a hypochondriac.
I'm going over it in my mind, that Hard lump + now swollen lymph nodes = cancer. I seriously stress myself out over it.

Perhaps someone will share in my story-like symptoms. Anything I should do? Should I wait longer, or should I go back to my doctor.

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