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I have a bad sore throat that won't go away...

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 30, 2006
  • 11:47 PM

A few years ago I got a bad sore throat, that started with an infection on the roof of the mouth, by that dangling bit (the uvula).

I was in excellent health, so I thought nothing of it. Several weeks later, however, my throat had not cleared up, and the infection was spreading down my wind pipe.

A month later, it spread further: my nose and sinuses started to get infected, producing heavy, thick mucus; my lungs became a little infected, with a mild cough, and my stomach started aching a little, making bubbling sounds now and then, and producing a bit a gas.

Then my gums began to get attacked by the virus, my gum line receded by several millimeters in quite a short time, exposing previously covered areas of my teeth.

Soon after, "pins and needles" sensations started to appear all over body, especially in my legs, but also in my arms, hands and torso. These prickly twinges seemed to come from my muscles, but I am not sure exactly where. It seemed that the virus was spreading widely.

Then some strange mental symptoms began. This started out with a weird feeling, which I can only describe as a 'social phobia', which left me feeling shy, tense and uncomfortable with friends, and on any social occasions. Emotionally, I felt frail and weak, and I found myself avoiding social contact more and more because of this.

Also, a strong apathy and mental laziness developed. The apathy was towards all sorts of tasks and activities. My normal "can do" attitude was replaced by a "I can't be bothered" feeling, which is totally out of character, as I am normally a pro-active and highly organized person. How can a virus produce such powerful psychological changes?

Very noticeable physical and mental fatigue were also taking hold, making me need more and more rest and sleep. I began to find myself dropping off to sleep at odd times. Tireness seemed present all the time.

The infection began spreading to other places: a mild eye infection (reddened eyes) appeared. And it even spread to my urethra (where it chronically persists in a mild state of infection).

The worst thing was that, about a year after getting the sore throat, I experienced an acute attack of what seemed like a brain infection (encephalitis) which caused a noticeable personality change, and afterwards left me in a horrible state, with severe panic attacks, fear, confusion, and mental decline. Thankfully, I have recovered a little bit from this trauma, but find myself with much lower intelligence now.

My doctor seems to think that this infection will eventually go away, but I see no evidence of that myself. I assume it is a virus infection, because my doctor did a bacterial swab on my throat, and this showed nothing.

In case you are wndering, I am HIV negative, and was in good health previous to this infection.

My questions are:





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  • I Say Get A New Dctor..theres Obivously Something Wrong
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  • Hi,Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly - at first I was going to say that for a bad sore throat I just take a teaspoon of Manuka Honey Active 15 + a few times a day - but then I read the rest of your post and certainly think you should get another opinion as it seems much more complicated that just a sore throat. I don't have any medical knowledge at all, but feel you need more professional help.Take care and I hope you get this sorted out with the right help
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  • It may be herpes, oral herpes or HSV virus. What have you found out?
    phed0017 1 Replies
    • October 5, 2008
    • 05:11 PM
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