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I'm dying to know what's wrong with me. Dying to know.

  • Posted By: ~ b l u s h
  • April 9, 2007
  • 10:19 AM

I'm hoping someone can tell me what they might think is wrong with me because this has been bugging me for around half a year now.

People keep thinking I'm doing it on purpose because it sounds like I am but I'm not. They say it sounds like I try to cough up a hairball. :confused:
But when it happens, I feel like trying to cough, sort of, but the cough will not come out, so instead, I just happen (I think it's a reflex or something) to breathe out extremely heavily and quickly and semi-cough at the same time. Sort of like taking a deep breath really fast but mixed in with a cough. It's hard to explain.. really.. yeah. It happens at ranodm times, but I realize it mostly happens when I get near food. Any food.

Another info: I have had 'attacks' of this where I just start doing this so severely for a short period of time it hurts my throat. I can't stop it either, it's like, uncontrollable. The first time it happened was in the middle of class. Talk about awkward and embarassing. Actually, I've had these about 3-4 times and all were during school times where no food is present.

I am so stumped and my mom thinks I've been just eating too much junk food. Honestly, I have cut down on the junk food. I can go for days without eating it. Not even candy. So she won't take me to a doctor because she won't believe me. It's really starting to annoy me.

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  • It sounds like an allergic reaction to something around you. Wether is the cleaning product to clean the classrooms, the dry-erase marker, your college chump's new designer fragrance, or your own fabric softener (to name a few possibilities)- there might be more than one thing that makes your nervous system run all the wrong commands. I had bizarre reactions at the cheese and bread department of the grocery store. Hehe- I am very allergic to mold.At the fruit stand I felt drunk and blacking out several times.Don't feel sad, there is hope. There are new treatments to test for allergens and to reverse it (90% of the times).Try reading some case studies from NAET.com ; also there is Jaffe Mellor Technique. There are no drugs, needles, pain, or side effects to them. ******* Ask your mom to read on it too- she is very missinformed about your condition*********Your condition is real.Best.
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