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Hearing loss / fullness in One Ear?

  • Posted By: axelrose
  • September 6, 2009
  • 08:25 PM

At it's apex I had a 50% hearing loss in my right ear. DOCTOR looked at ear and said I had 'water trapped behind your eardrum'

He suggested a prescription strength Nasal Spray to 'dry out' or 'allow the trapped water to move outward' The Spray is called OMNARIS.:p

2 Squirts per nostril twice daily. After 3 days my hearing started to improve. By 10th day the hearing loss and fullness had nearly been complete cured.

Since then I've not used the spray.

Would it be a good idea to use this sprays every few days as a prophelactic against the 'trapped water' from returning?

ALSO, a 'self cure' was to do the following.
1. With index finger and thumb, clamp your nose so no air can escape in or out.
2. Start trying to push AIR OUT of your ears.
3. PUSHING air out of the ears is similar to this

You might think it's dangerous but keep trying to push air out of your ear.
This takes 2 - 10 seconds to get a result.

You'll notice a crackling noise and pressure then suddenly BAM! :D
You're EUSTATION TUBESin each ear has pushed the pressure OUTWARD. The pressure is suppose to be positive, that is the pressure in the ears should always being pushing outward at all times.

DOCTOR also said those Ear Wax Cleaning Kits you buy in stores will not solve this problem. You're not having a WAX problem but rather a PRESSURE and TRAPPED WATER problem. He said that those wax cleaner kits are generally worthless EVEN if you were having a wax problem.:D

I hope someone can answer some of my question in this post.

I also hope it helped others having a similar problem..


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