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General sinus problems. Chest flutters.

  • Posted By: whatisit00
  • March 23, 2009
  • 09:24 PM

I'm 28 weeks pregnant. I've been having sinus problems among other things. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this.

During the first few weeks of my pregnancy I was experiencing a constant runny nose. Clear phlegm. It seemed to be worse in the morning. It was followed by a long series of sneezes. Everyday I was met by a unusually large amount of clear fluid. Over the weeks it didn't seem to get better. I also developed an occasional smoke/mold smell that wasn't actually present in my environment.
I had a fair amount of trouble sleeping because I felt when I were to lie down fluid was draining into my throat. Which would cause me to be coughing up thick mucus type substance.
In the mornings I'd have stomach aches due to what was draining into my throat and ultimately into my stomach. This would cause me to vomit.

As time progressed my symptoms grew worse.
* Pain under my eyes. On the side of my nose.
* Painful migraines generally on the right side.(I suffered from what I always assumed to be migraine headaches before pregnancy, but during found them to be more frequent.)
* Strange occasional pains in chest while breathing.
* Dizziness.
* Small specks of blood coming out of my nose. (Which I assumed was due to excessive blowing.)

I figured this was all due to allergies. Or a possible Sinus infection. Regardless, I brought it up with my OBGYN. Who told me it was allergies. Without looking at anything. Or in fact doing much of anything. To take a Antihistamine.

I started taking Benadryl on occasion which didn't seem to help much.

My problems progressed. Along with You Guessed It. Some new ones.

I brought the issues up with my OBGYN once again. I asked 'Would it be possible to see an ENT. I've been feeling consistently sick. I don't seem to be getting any better. I'm concerned it could be a Sinus infection. I'd just like to clear this up."

He told me he would not refer me to an ENT. "Nope. They will not do anything for you. Because you are pregnant. I wouldn't worry about it.Even if it is a sinus infection. It will go away on it's own."

I left a little frustrated, Hoping my symptoms would just go away. Because I didn't feel they were just bad allergies.

Now, I've been having problems with my ears. Which make rapid popping noises. At times my hearing goes out. Or I can hear my self as if I were under water. My jaw has started to feel stiff, and I hear slight clicking noises from time to time as if something is trying to clear.I've been burping up thin liquid mucus in large amounts. I continue to feel dizzy. And nothing has gotten any better. With the pain in my ears. Runny nose. Strange chest flutters that make it hard to inhale. I don't know what to do.

I'm a little frustrated. I'm not getting any relief, and I'm loosing sleep. Any suggestions?
I would love to go threw the rest of my pregnancy normally. Or as normal as possible. I've experienced a partial placental abruption during this pregnancy. Which has caused enough problems. :(

Someone mentioned that I might have a fungal infection. My doctor has yet to look at my ears, or nose. I understand that I can't get much help because I am currently pregnant, but I'd like to get some suggestions as to what it might be, and how I might go about treating it after birth.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. :D
I appreciate you taking the time to read. And respond.

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  • Hi, The heart flutters could be mitral valve prolapse. It's a scary name, but it's quite common among women and should not ever harm your short- or long-term health. It means the flaps that open and close one of your heart valves are slightly long and when they close, they flutter a little to shut all the way. I was diagnosed with this condition and aside from it annoying me at times, it doesn't get in the way of anything. It sounds like you have intense sinus pressure and a possible infection. Is your mucous ever green? Is this your first pregnancy? I've been pregnant twice and both times I had intense sinus congestion, but I didn't have severe reactions like you. You may want to make sure your bedroom is dust-free. Wash all the curtains or blinds and soft textile items in your room like comforters, rugs and armchair pillow cases. Also, twice a day you should gargle with warm water and sea salt and squirt this mixture into your nostrils with a medicine dropper especially before you go to sleep at night. This will help fight bacteria and return your mucous membranes to the correct PH level. Although you are having severe reactions and intense discomfort, it sounds like you are in the realm of normalcy regarding your pregnancy experience. However, your OB-Gyn doesn't sound very compassionate. Good luck to you and I hope you have a speedy delivery and a healthy baby!
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