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Gel-filled spheres from sinuses, w/ spiral tails! (cool photos)

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 18, 2011
  • 06:42 AM

Firstly, I don't have health insurance so don't tell me to ask a doctor. Thanks.
Secondly, the description might sound a little gross. Oh well...

So.. for the last couple of years, probably once a month at least I'll have a mucus like globule come flying out of my right nostril onto my shirt. They are NOT snot balls. Mucus doesn't do this! Only one happens at a time and it rarely happens, so I guess at least a week or two between each, up to a month or two. When it does happen, it's NOT because of a runny nose or anything. Actually my sinuses have been quite dry lately and it just happened again.

It's hard to describe them. They're PERFECT spheres 1/2 to 3/4 cm in diameter, squishy but not sticky like mucus. Instead, they're gel filled sacs with a definite membrane making them firmer than the fluid-gel-like center and quite resilient - but if I squeeze it, it will rupture. The outer membrane is relatively clear compared to the cloudier gel center.

What's weirder, they have "tails" too that look like... well... like little umbilical cords! The tails are generally a little longer than the diameter of the sacs themselves and taper gently. There's a very clear spiral structure within the tapered tail!

The first one I found had an even more pronounced, spring spiral! It was more than a little disturbing. They are always perfect spheres. They almost always have a freakish tail, which has a cloudy-whitish spiral structure in it. They are never sticky like mucus. They always have a membrane like outer layer and thick fluid center.

I have some sinus problems, tonsiloliths & very bad breath because of them, and I think a lot of difficulty smelling things like I used to. Nothing else related that I can think of. 30 yo Caucasian male, no ENT surgery, no ENT problems aside from strep throat as a kid. No family history that would be related.

Please let me know if anyone has seen anything remotely like this. I doubt most doctors would even take this seriously so I'd be very grateful for any leads. Thanks.

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