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Excessive mucus secretion?

  • Posted By: Scarified
  • March 27, 2009
  • 05:23 PM

Hi there. I am 17 years old male. I have suffered a lot from my nasal problems for years.

-Excessive mucus secretion, i always feel mucus backflowing from nose to mouth. Sometimes i have to expel the mucus out every 10 seconds or i will feel really uncomfortable. The situation turns bad when i am bathing. Occasionally i feel the mucus stuck in my throat/nasal cavity and cannot get out.
-Always nose bleeding.
-itching in throat/nasal cavity

I am not sure what condition i am suffering. Can you guys give me some comments, please?

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  • aww.. have you tried taking anti-histamines or anything?my boyfriend has dust problems.. his room's hella dusty. and he says when he showers, his nose gets really really runny and he's guessing it's because all of the humidity from the hot showers he takes.hope it helps?? =)
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  • ah..i previously took the nasonex nasal spray but it seems useless. I have a cat in my home and may be this is the main causes . But i can't leave my cat :D. Thanks anyway.
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  • lolyour cat's a lucky one lolwhattabout benedryl or something...PS why you up so late hmm!? jkjk =)
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  • haha.. i've been sleeping all day. Never heard of benadryl, reliable huh?
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  • for allergies...lolyehh I jus got done painting my nails...that's why I'm up hahah
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  • lol..May be i have to take benadryl everday until my cat dies. I think allergies should be relieved when i grow older anyway.
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  • yeah I hope so!I'm boreddddddd......... =/
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  • Hi, It sounds like you have allergies. You should take a comprehensive allergy test for foods and environment. Most likely, your body is reacting to your cat. When I was younger, I used to sleep on a futon with my dog in the crook of my arm. Her dog hair and dander everywhere, on my clothes, bedding, and rug gave me constant sinus problems. After seeing a doctor and taking the comprehensive allergy test, I found out I was allergic to dander among many other things like mold and pollen. I started keeping especially my bedding cleaner and (very sadly) stopped allowing my dog to sleep in my bed. You're making your immune system work on overdrive, so you should see how you can keep your living space cleaner.
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  • get the cat out the house, let it roam free
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