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Ear pain/fullness during sleep verigo

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 19, 2010
  • 11:39 PM

I had reoccuring ear infections as a child. I am now 29 and have battled verigo serveral times in the past 4 years. I also have had my eardrum to rupture 2x in this same time frame which brought about it's own battle with verigo. The past 2 yrs I have woke in the middle night with severe pain and pressure in my ear. The pain feels deep in my ear but it's aching almost to the outter ear. The first time this happened I feared another really bad ear infection. I went to the dr they said everything looked fine. I have noticed now that when I wake if I turn from that side to my other side I can feel warm fuild moving deep in my ear. By doing this the pain will subside. I am still struggling with dizziness that comes and goes but not as servere as the full blown verigo. I keep headaches and I have TMJ. I just need some relief at this point. My ENT looked at me crazy when I swore the pain was so intense that I wake almost in tears. My pcp has looked at that ear a couple of times and of couse she sees nothing wrong. Any ideas on what I need to have them to look for will greatly be appreciated. I feel horrible since I can't sleep and the dizziness is really having a negative effect on my life.

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  • I had the problem with vertigo for many years. And discovered yes, i do have ear problems, however, it wasn't the problem with my dizziness. I too have pain that comes like that with my ears, but I discovered it wasn't my ears at all that were the MAJOR cause of my vertigo. It was my neck. My neck was very out of alignment. Seriously talk to a chiropractor. If it doesn't help, at least you got some feel good for the moment. But it should help. The neck can be out of place and cause all sorts of problems. i personally was just googling sleeping on my same side as my ear drum rupture, and came across this thread. I just got home from the ER with my 3rd ear drum rupture since 2008. I woke up to get ready for work, and noticed blood coming out of my left ear. Had no pain, dizzy yes, so i figured blood out of ear, not good. Called into work, and went to hospital. Nasty infection too. But Doc also noticed how messed up my neck is, and suggested I go to the chiropractor for an adjustment. Cause it can throw the sinuses off badly and cause infections to build cause sinuses aren't draining properly. I hope this has helped you. Also be sure to see a chiropractor who uses the (well what i call the ) "pen click method". it looks like a pen, but it slowly adjusts you neck into place without the cracking and harsh adjustments. You won't really notice the difference till the next day. Good luck
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