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Does this ring a bell with anyone?

  • Posted By: pammar94
  • June 23, 2009
  • 01:11 AM

For THIRTY years (yes, thirty), I have been dizzy (it was terrible for three years). I have a dizziness in my left eye with a heaviness in that eye and on top of the left side of my head that makes me feel like falling to the left UNLESS I take aspirins and a muscle relaxant, and the only muscle relaxant that really works are either benzos or very very strong sedatives like phenobarbital, which I REFUSE to take because it makes me so depressed. So I'm on Ibprofen and Clonazapan (I take as little as I can get by with and still walk without feeling dizzy). Although anti-dizzy meds take care of the dizziness, I still have that weird discomfort in my eye and heaviness on top of my head. I do have chronic tinnitus in my left ear. I slur my speech at times and have some memory issues.This has never let up for thirty some years.


1/chronic pain--no joint pain, sometimes I get normal headaches, I do get tightness in my neck

2/ear/sinus infections

3/I do not get tired, although I did when I first got sick. At the time, which was in the 70's, all they could find was Toxoplasmosis, which should be long gone and wouldn't have caused that degree of dizziness.

4/I had a CAT scan. Ruled out a tumor.

5/Ages ago I had a spinal tap, supposedly ruled out MS, but don't know how good it was in 1975. Still, MS makes you tired, right? For age 55, I have a lot of energy and work out every day.

Any ideas?


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