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Diagnosed With Oral Thrush

  • Posted By: tonybologna
  • February 11, 2012
  • 04:10 AM

Hello again everybody on the forums. It's been a good while since posting on these forums. I had a topic opened up back in 2008 here: http://forums.bettermedicine.com/showthread.php/29017-and-the-beat-goes-on-for-me

I need to add something to the topic from above. I failed to mention that I've suffered from HSV-2(Genital Herpes) since 1993. For some reason I forgot to mention that in the topic. I guess I was so concerned abut my prostate problems at the time that it slipped my mind. Now, onto my current issues.

My wife purchased some of those tongue scrapers back about 2 1/2 weeks ago. For the 1st time in my life I used a tongue scraper. I'd never used one of these things before. Strictly using the toothbrush bristles in the past. The 1st 3 days of using the tongue scraper I noticed my tongue bled pretty bad. It was like I had taken a knife to my tongue & cut it. This bleeding lasted consistently for those 3 days & then subsided a bit.

I noticed on the 4th day or so that my throat started feeling sore. I looked into my mouth with a flashlight & noticed little white patches/lesions at the back of my tongue. I still didn't consider anything a big deal for a couple more days. I then started having swallowing problems. The were minor for a day or two & then it started to worsen. I felt like something was stuck in my throat but it didn't bother me when I ate. Mainly with saliva & liquids. I started feeling bad & had a low grade fever(99.2). One night I even got a slightly higher fever(99.6) & had a night of cold sweats & nausea. This only lasted for about 1 hour though. I wasn't taking anything for a fever at the time.

I decided to take a trip to the ER. Of course, this was a sorry trip. The ER doctor(same doctor I seen for prostate problems) did a half-hearted diagnosis. He looked in my mouth & throat. He didn't even look at my eyes or ears. He said it looked like the thrush but was going to order a strep test just to make sure. The strep test came back negative. I was prescribed Nystatin(swish & swallow) & have about 2 more days of that left.

I decided to go to the urgent care clinic yesterday because my swallowing hadn't gotten much better. The DR there too stated he thought it was thrush. I expressed my concerns about the swallowing but he said this symptom is very typical with thrush. I told him that I felt the lesions/bumps had spread down into my esophagus. He said that could be a possibility but treating with Nystatin was still the method of treatment.

I've been reading up on candida(yeast) & I'm pretty convinced that I have a systemic candida problem. Prostatitis is even linked to fungus problems in the body. I've been suffering from that condition since 2008. I draw this conclusion because the thrush problem didn't appear until I started scraping my tongue. I think the tongue scraping just spread the fungus on my tongue into my mouth & down into my esophagus.

I've suffered from a lot of stress in the past 3-4 years as well. Candida feeds off stress, sugars,& of course yeast. I crave bread & sugar products. I do eat mostly organic foods but even organic with a possible yeast problem is bad. It doesn't matter if it's organic bread, organic cookies, or organic in anything else those healthier choices can still cause/worsen yeast problems.

I do feel slightly better physically today but still some swallowing problems. My lymph nodes in my neck have also been swollen as well. I think that's what's making the swallowing so difficult. The urgent care doc said they were pretty swollen. I know that because I'm very tender in my neck area. BTW, I've NEVER suffered from any swallowing problems whatsoever in the past. I'm close to turning 41 years of age.

Does this sound like a definite thrush infection? I have read about situations where HSV(Herpes Simplex Virus) can show up in the esophagus(herpes esophagitis). My herpes had been under control until last year. I experienced 4-5 outbreaks in 2011 & the last 2 were worse than normal. I've never taken any prescription meds for my herpes. I've always used the natural/holistic route by strengthening the immune system with herbs & supplements. My immune system has become weaker due to extreme stress. I think that's the reason for more outbreaks.

Any comments or opinions are welcomed & greatly appreciated. BTW, I didn't know what topic/section this would properly fit into. I chose ENMT because my current diagnosis is thrush even though I have other health concerns as well.

One other thing to add here. I've been strictly with my wife for the past 17+ years. No other sexual partner whatsoever. I got herpes about a year before we ever met. I didn't get the herpes from her. I was sexually inactive about a year before we ever started dating. That would put me at around 18 years since I was sexually active with anybody else. If this topic would be better suited in another section for better analysis/comments please feel free to move it there. Thanks!

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  • Hello, I was diagnosed about a month ago with H-Pylori (Acid Reflex/Ulcers) which was making it unfortable to sleep. I had to sleep in an almost sitting position. Felt like I ate a lot and was full up to my neck but had not ate all day. Was given prescription and a few days later my tongue felt weird and was kind of white color with a bad taste in my mouth (bitter taste) and felt like I was going to vomit sometimes. Doctor said with medicine taking it was known to cause thrush on my throat/tongue. Doctor prescribed some throat lozenges to take 5 a day for 14 days. As of now I am still taking those. The thrush looks like is going away but bitter taste is occassionally comes back. I was given 3 prescriptions for my H-Pylori plus throat lozenges. You might want to ask doctor for lozenges for thrush on tongue. I hope this helps. I go back to get blood work in about a week to see if H-Pylori is gone. Wish me luck.
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    • August 28, 2012
    • 09:37 PM
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